Super 8×8

All of the short films entered in the Super 8×8 Wellington Festival are available to screen online now, HERE

If ever you doubted how difficult it might be to shoot a 3 minute short film, with only one take per shot and all editing done in camera then I highly reccomend trying it! Aspirations and ego rapidly get crushed and soon become grateful that *anything* works in it! I kind of treated mine as a camera test, trying as many techniques as I could during the week of shooting including slow mo shooting at 48fps, some stop motion single frame shots, motion control tracking shot, zoom etc etc….


So below is a copy of my entry, as screened on the night i.e. with a soundtrack created without having ever seen any of the developed film… so despite my best efforts at the time, sync is a little blurry…

And below that is an updated copy with a revised soundtrack which is a lot more specific with sync, plus I fixed the offaxis titles and horizontal flipped one shot at the end, for continuity…


Full screen, good speakers please!










Updated Screener: THROWING SHAPES







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