Surround Ambience Recording Tests

If you have an interest in ambience recording then you should definitely check out this test session from July 2012: “At the occasion of the VDT seminar “Ambience recording” in Berlin, a collection of 5 simultaneous recordings with 6 different surround ambience microphone setups was produced. These test samples enable a direct comparison between the different setups (and recording principles) and therefore a very precise assessment of the properties of the recording techniques in different recording locations.”

The mic rigs tested include
– spaced omni with 5 omni mics
– spaced cardioid with 5 cardioid mics
– IRT-cross with 4 cardioid mics
– ORTF Surround with 4 supercardioid mics
– Double MS with 3 coincident capsules cardioid/fig8/cardioid
– CMIT Double MS, as per double MS except using a shotgun mic

There is a 700MB zip file of recordings from the different mic setups & locations, plus a PDF with detailed description of recording setups, venues & the listening test plus a theory paper & slides…

Have a read & listen HERE

thanks Emil for the tip & thanks to the organisers for making this available!

note: downloads seem to be very slow – 1hour35 to download a 2MB pdf!? help!

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  1. ErikG says:

    I have not listened to it all yet, to busy, but will in a few days.
    It would have been awesome if they’d recorded with a ambisonics mic as well as that really is the simplest multi channel setup available but would also sound very different to say spaced omnis.

    In closing, Tim, I just love reading your blog. Sounds, picture and writing are always inspirational and thought provoking! Thank you for doing this!

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