SWISH 2 recording 3


six bull-roarers and two aerophones recorded today in the Park Road Post foley room


flag swishes captured mid take…

Captured so many great sounds today, for HISSandaROAR SWISH TWO library – I had great help from excellent soundie Tom Scott Toft. We’d alternate takes, working until our arms ached & then recovering while listening to what each other managed to perform… Every time I’d exhaust what I could do & Tom would then step up & find some GREAT variations (& vice versa)… Super tired now, watching 30Gb of sound slowly transfer off my 744…. captured 5 channels of everything today: MKH8040 ORTF stereo, MKH70 pair wider stereo and MKH8020 omni on the ground looking/listening up….

Many, many moments of being totally surprised by the sounds being produced from my collected & selected props… it was a great but intense day of making sounds happen!


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