Synaesthesia 001


What do you hear when you look at this photo?


Upload your music/sound to my ftp server & then add a comment below so that I know its up… I’ll then embed it in an MP3 player in this post… If you could start the filename with SY001 & your name that would make life easier too… Heres the upload details (you will need to use an ftp program like Cyberduck OSX or Filezilla PC)
No password (just hit enter when it asks for one)
Upload to the ‘incoming’ folder
Feel free to download the image so you can have it open while working….
Here’s the first few uploaded:

Rhian Sheehan:
[audio: textures Rhian Sheehan.mp3 |titles=Synaesthesia 001]

[audio: |titles=Synaesthesia 001]

escalation746: wavefront makara – hue blue linear
[soundcloud url=”” params=”auto_play=false&player_type=tiny&font=Arial&color=000000″ width=”300″ height=”18″ ]

Daniel Powell:
[audio: |titles=Synaesthesia 001]

[audio: uav.mp3 |titles=Synaesthesia 001]

Stefan Smulovitz:
[audio: |titles=Synaesthesia 001]

Tim Prebble: Swim with the fishes
[audio: with the fishes.mp3 |titles=Synaesthesia 001]

James Thompson:
[audio: |titles=Synaesthesia 001]

aart uunivers:
[audio: |titles=Synaesthesia 001]

Michael Maroussas:
[audio: Maroussas.mp3 |titles=Synaesthesia 001]

Tohm Judson:
[audio: |titles=Synaesthesia 001]

Stephen Gallagher:
[audio: Edmonds.mp3 |titles=Synaesthesia 001]

David Vranken:
[audio: David Vranken.mp3 |titles=Synaesthesia 001]

Brendan Hogan: Refuge
[audio: |titles=Synaesthesia 001]

Christian Conrad:
[audio: Christian Conrad.mp3 |titles=Synaesthesia 001]

Joel Anscombe Smith: Sand People
[audio: |titles=Synaesthesia 001]

[audio: |titles=Synaesthesia 001]

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