Synaesthesia 006


What do you hear when you look at this photo?


The Kaleidophone by Donau

Synaesthesia006 sin8 by sebi_zs

Tim Prebble:
Synaesthesia 006 by timprebble

Synaesthesia 006 Melodien by Melodien

16 Responses to Synaesthesia 006

  1. tim says:

    Upload your music/sound to my ftp server & then add a comment below so that I know its up… I’ll then embed it in an MP3 player in this post… If you could start the filename with SY006 & your name that would make life easier too… Heres the upload details (you will need to use an ftp program like Cyberduck OSX or Filezilla PC)
    No password (just hit enter when it asks for one)
    Upload to the ‘incoming’ folder

  2. tim says:

    extra marks if you post a link to your soundcloud upload & the waveform looks like trace of that photo! To be honest i have often wondered about that: if landscapes were waveforms, what would they sound like?

  3. _blank says:

    This photo is odd because it seems a sound wave, when I look at it I don’t hear a sound, I see a sound!

    • tim says:

      ah but what an interesting, slightly asymmetrical sound it would be…. shot on Saturday on a walk to a seal colony on the south coast from Wainuiomata…

  4. Roland says:

    cars, driving down the street :)

  5. Donau says:

    Uploaded a track!
    “The Kaleidophone”


  6. Donau says:

    Ah, and do by all means check out the waveform similarities ;) hmm?

  7. sebastian zsemlye says:

    …just for fun :)

  8. Tjerk says:

    Always interesting and cool this Synaesthesia. I’m for now busy with my graduation project, but next time I’ll give it a shot too.

  9. Melodien says:

    Uploaded a track ‘Synaesthesia_006_Melodien’. Also on Soundcloud

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