the BEST drum break

No, i dont mean the Amen break, that only qualifies as the most over-used break… This beat is genius at least partly because its in 5/4 ie beyond most DJs mixing/recycle skills.. The tune is called Take 5 by Dave Brubeck and the break is the genius of his drummer Jo Morello

Heres a version of the song from 1961, which whether you like the song or not is worth watching just to see where he takes the break, and to hear him drop it back in. Single handedly this man deletes all those bad drummer jokes (& they are hear by re-assigned to the guitarist in your band!)

And some wise words from a master: “”Technique is only a means to an end,” Morello stresses. “The more control you have of the instrument, the more confidence you will get and the more you will be able to express your ideas. But just for technique alone – just to see how fast you can play so you can machine-gun everybody to death – that doesn’t make any sense. Technique is only good if you can use it musically.”

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