the doors

OK!!! We’ve got 114 recordists onboard now – this is going to be an awesome library! Heres my record list, please comment with any suggestions/alterations – I’ll edit this document to update it with peoples suggestions and improvements so it becomes a master document… Especially thoughts on naming conventions?


A photo of each door MUST be included (JPG pref 800 x 600) plus I’d like to know where (city & country) the doors were recorded..

1. DOOR interior close perspective: open and close – soft, medium, hard/slam
2. DOOR interior wide perspective: open and close – soft, medium, hard/slam

If the door is an exterior door ie the front door of a house:
3. DOOR exterior close perspective: open and close – soft, medium, hard/slam

4. DOOR close perspective: handle grab, lock, unlock

5. DOOR close perspective: creak, hinge squeak, movement
6. DOOR close perspective: door knocks and/or doorbell

Anything goes, but I’d like each person to contribute at least a few normal domestic house or apartment doors – they may seem boring to you but they can be essential for a normal dialogue scene in a film. Cupboards and smaller doors can also be included, along with character doors eg school, hospital, electric, garage, caravan, trailer, sheds, castles etc…

– 24 bit 96k
– stereo (if possible)

ADDITIONAL NOTES: (these notes are for any inexperienced recordists)
– Leave 1 second of quiet or more between each action (for reverb tail and clean edit points)
– if recording where bg ambience is present (eg exterior) leave 5+ seconds between actions
– Do not max out your recording levels, or normalise files when editing
– It can be a challenge to cleanly record door slams: good practice!

Deliver me one stereo 24 bit 96kHz file for each door containing all of the above actions, in the form of split stereo .WAV files:

Where name is:

DOOR [building] [door type] [material] [INT or EXT] [actions] [recordist initials]


DOOR Airport electric EXT open close TP
DOOR Apartment wood EXT open close lock TP
DOOR House front wood glass EXT open close doorbell knocks lock TP
DOOR House bathroom wood INT open close creak TP
DOOR House kitchen cupboard wood INT open close creak TP
DOOR Shed hinge creak EXT open close TP

I’d appreciate you entering as much descriptive metadata as possible. I prefer not to invest energy in program specific metadata which other programs cannot access. If only Basehead or SoundMiner can read it then its too proprietry for my tastes… In my tests the only metadata entry I did that could be read in ALL the apps I tested, was via Protools Workspace data entry, but I’m open to discussion about this. Once everyone is in agreement about this I’ll write a blog post here explaining the methodology – anyone who doesn’t have access to ProTools can let me know when they upload and I’ll tag their files (but I’d rather watch paint dry!)

I have worked out a scenario for the release of the library that I will email to each of the contributers – there are two aspects to it:

1. The people who record & contribute the sounds should be rewarded for their work, both in receiving a free copy of the finished library but also in other ways which i will elaborate on in the email.

2. Other people should be able to buy the library, but not get it for free (otherwise it means any of you could do nothing & receive the same benefits as those who do all the work, which isn’t fair)

So I will send an email outlining the exact details of this proposal, and if you are in agreement I will then send you a formal document so our agreement is official BEFORE any work is done or any files are uploaded.

I’ll then also set up an ftp account for uploading your finished, edited files & will email you login details once we are all in agreement about proceedings…

When you upload files I’ll also ask you to include the name you want credited as and I’m happy to embed a link with your name…

Also have set DEADLINE for ftp upload as June 12th

Please comment on this post with any changes to the record list or process/metadata etc… If anything is confusing or doesn’t make sense please ask!

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