The plan for Wednesday!




I am usually a little too paranoid to leave my car in a remote carpark for 2-4 hours… especially when it has everything I travel with in it… But this time I have emptied my car into my Air BnB, so I will get to do a couple of walks that I have always wanted to do..

OPARARA ARCH Walk = 1km = easy = “Spectacular Limestone Arch 43m high” = GREAT!
MORIA GATE, MIRROR TARN Walk = 4.1km = easy = “Rainforest, Limestone Arch, Tranquil Forest Tarn’ = WAHOO!

I think they are both effectively the same walk… I’ve been into this same area many times before, Kahurangi National Park is my favourite in NZ, and the week I spent in Takaka was on the North edge of the Park… I am now on the West side of the park…


What a lovely word ‘Tarn’ is, instinctively it sounds Scottish – let me check…



mmmmmmm (in homer simpson voice) mirror tarn…. gahhhhh….



How much gear can I carry on an ‘easy’ 4km walk?

XPAN + lenses
5D3 + lens
Natura S camera
Contax T2 camera
Sound Devices 722 + Sennhesier MKH8020 pair + stands

And that is probably about it….

I’ll be doing some recording and other shooting while in Kahurangi National Park… it IS such an amazing place, and there is a shipweck along the way, so my drone & other lenses etc will get their chance, but will also just have to stay in the car & hope for the best!


ps FCK ‘going to the gym’
ps LOVE ‘going for a walk in a National Park with a pack full of dreams’





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