The stories they could tell….

Got to Oakura about 4pm so I went to refind the location of the shipwreck I want to shoot at dawn tomorrow (low tide is 9.55am) – last time I shot this wreck it was mid incoming-tide, so I’ve never actually seen it fully uncovered….

First i took one turn off too soon, discovered some new great locations, but had to retrace my steps & drive back out to the main road… And of course as soon as I reached the correct road, it was all familiar – ah yes THAT road!

But half way out to the coast I made a mental note of this incredible old tree, silhouetted against the afternoon sun… must stop on the way back & shoot some photos… & so I did….

I love old trees like these, tortured by the weather over many deacades…
but the wider shot revealed something else…

That appears to be an old chimney, presumably it would have reached to the roofline of a house…
What an incredible location for a house… Now its just ten or fifteen minutes rive from New Plymouth but back then…. who knows!?!

shot with Canon 5D3 and EF100-400L lens

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