Touch, at a Distance

Solar rework is by Flight404 as a test for visuals generated in real time… The audio is taken from WNYC’s RadioLab Podcasts, which coincidentally I was tipped off to by a Swedish sound designer who visited my studio a week or so ago (thanks Carl!) – check out the RadioLab podcasts as they are beautifully created with some very clever sound design…. The episode that the above video borrows its audio from is titled What is music? How does it work? Why does it move us? Why are some people better at it than others? In this hour, we examine the line between language and music, how the brain processes sound, and we meet a composer who uses computers to capture the musical DNA of dead composers in order to create new work. We also re-imagine the disastrous 1913 debut of Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring…through the lens of modern neurology.


Radiolab also have a blog here

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