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Following this thread on gearslutz got me thinking about a process that has always been painful for me i.e. transferring the metadata from one file to another. I have often dreamed of a drag & drop application that would copy the metadata from file 1 and add it to file 2. Little did I realise I already had an app for that! SoundMiner v4 Pro! Check this video out:

Note: this is a feature that only comes with the full SoundMiner v4 Pro

SM Mirror

Soundminer Filenaming Algorithm (from the SoundMiner manual)

A naming scheme is a powerful way to make specific character sequences either for files or regions based on the metadata in a record. For example when you transfer a sound effect to your DAW you may want the region name to include some information about sound effect that is specified in its Description field. Instead of re-entering that information when you spot the
effect, you could tell Soundminer to extract the information from that field and build the region name from that information. This is very useful for processing multiple records because each region name will be built from the fields in their respective records.

SM Naming
SM Naming

Note: this is a feature that only comes with the full SoundMiner v4 Pro

2 Responses to Transferring Metadata

  1. jo says:

    hello tim,

    nice post!
    i just had some trouble to rid off empty spaces from descriptions that are used for filenames. this is what i type into the file naming scheme window:

    this is not how it works, right?

    another question i have:
    from what i know, in protools workspace i can search for filenames and metadata separately. but is it also possible to search for all files that contains the keyword in the filename OR in the metadata? thanks. jo

  2. jo says:

    oops, because of html interpretation my file naming scheme input where ignored above:
    “smaller than sign” description:ns “greater than sign”

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