Turning Point

Someone emailed me asking: “Which New Zealand movie was, according to you, a turning point in terms of cinema sound (probably one you worked on) – that would be good to know.

The turning point in New Zealand cinema sound for me was created before I was born, by someone so far ahead of his time that we are still catching up with the vast legacy that he left. These need to be seen on celluloid, projected, to really experience them properly (but if you watch them now, please watch full screen)

Len Lye – Free Radicals (1958)

Len Lye – Particles in Space (1957)

3 Responses to Turning Point

  1. robin says:

    Indeed! Amazingly inventive films.

  2. If I’m not mistaken, it all was carved on the actual film. Amazing.

    • tim says:

      correct – working at that scale (scratching emulsion off a 35mm film frame) is incredible, but the 3D movement he has visualized is just unreal

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