Sorry to get your hopes up but this UFO is of the terrestrial kind: an unidentified bird call from the valley beside my garden

I hear Tuis every day around my house, in fact a few days ago I stopped the music I was listening to as it sounded like a Tui was actually inside my house, but after creeping over to the window I discovered two young Tui in a tree right outside the window… I listened to them for 5 minutes before they took off, but that was what prompted me to go get my Sound Devices 722, plug in the two MKH70s and have it ready to capture any unexpected bird behaviour…

Almost every night I hear Moreporks and the other night was sitting out in the garden & heard what at first I thought were frogs, but slowly it became apparent it was two Moreporks having a conversation – not in their usual ‘mooore… pooork’ way, almost more clucky… OK dont believe me, my mics are ready for next time!

I wondered if that birdcall that I did record is a bellbird? As rare as that is, I’ve read mention of a few around this area. And it definitely isn’t a familiar local call…

Here it is at half speed, quarter speed & an eighth real speed…




The resonance & beautiful pitch modulation of each note becomes more accentuated as its slowed down….


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