unitxt; short film by alva noto

director/sound: carsten niccolai/alva noto
featuring text+voice: anne-james chaton
actor: kyusaku shimada

15 Responses to unitxt; short film by alva noto

  1. admin says:

    Could a german speaker explain what the voice is saying? (without understanding it feels incongruous to me)

  2. leyton says:

    sounds like numbers in french to me that sync with the numbers when shown.

  3. _blank says:

    The voice is speaking in French, and it’s just saying numbers 🙂

  4. Matthieu M says:

    It’s in french actually, and he recites a series of digits that also appear on the display.
    Apparently they correspond to the “golden ratio” in geometry, from what i read on Boomkat.
    Cool clip, love the visual step sequencer idea.

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  6. João Menezes says:

    I’m not German but the voice is saying the numbers 🙂

    • admin says:

      That will teach me for studying Latin at school instead of a living language… Shlda been Japanese (and maori) as Latin has been about as much use to me as studying differential equations was at engineering school

  7. Brian says:

    It’s French, and it’s a stream of numbers. The numbers that you see on the vending machine.

  8. Hey There

    acutally the voice is speaking french. It’s articualting the figures visible on the display and the different stickers there.

    Cheers, Forward by Failure

  9. tim says:

    hey I studied Latin but can still tell the difference between french and german 🙂

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  11. eden grey says:

    numbers always sound good, no matter what language/number.

  12. tim says:

    hah! you’d b a fan of those mysterious numbers stations then?

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