Unobtanium obtained!

Ages ago I wrote a rant about unobtanium – outboard gear that was so rare as to be unaffordable eg the EMS SciFli etc… Anyway my vigilance on local Trademe site paid off a few days ago & I am now the proud owner of this:


I paid about a third of the going rate on eBay, or I would simply never have bought it…
I wont repost the info about the MuTron BiPhase, have a read here

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  1. chad says:

    I had one of these about 8 years ago. I sold it for probably the same price you picked this one up. It’s one of those fun pieces I regret letting go.

    Stereo phased guitar is the best! Have fun with it!!!

    I’m not sure if yours came with template cards. Here is a download for pictures of a few preset overlays:


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