visiting R P Moores negatives final resting place


todays field trip,
first to the National Library

i forgot what an awesome work of brutalist architecture it is
blew half a roll of film & almost forgot my mission…

which was to…
research viewing panoramic photos taken by R P Moore
with a Cirkut 10 camera in New Zealand 1921-1931



Bear in mind, the negative for each single image was 8+ foot wide
No matter how tall you are, you could lie down on top of one negative & not fill it!
1920s gixapixel tech FTW!



Staff were super helpful, and it was great to see a group of secondary school/college kids in there, gaining some invaluable research skills…

I’m particularly interested in a few negatives that have inscriptions on them, like this one:





Can’t wait for my next visit… to hopefully see the real thing!
& will bring my XPAN to shoot the brutalist exterior




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