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The first time I heard a waterphone with my own ears was at a concert a few years ago at the Biennial International Festival of the Arts here in Wellington. The concert was a performance of Tan Duns Water Concerto for Water Percussion and Orchestra and after the lights went down & everyone became quiet, this rich gorgeous feedback tone started from the rear of the auditorium. Slowly a performer walked in while bowing a waterphone & slowly made his way on stage. It was one of those magic moments where my brain couldn’t quite assimilate what my ear was hearing. I knew Tan Duns music from films cores but this concert was hugely memorable with water used in many different ways to create percussive sounds (I think a few people in the front row got wet!) along with a beautiful sensuous score played by the NZSO.
Every now & again I have a hankering to experiment with a waterphone but whoah they are not either readily accessible nor particularly affordable should you want to own one. So I make do with a few waterphone samples and impulse responses that i have. But this new sample library looks like it might be worth pursuing, check the demo video out:

More info on waterphones here and here and you can check out the sample library here – 4.3GB, 2,903 samples for US$89! I especially like the fact that not only have they recorded all sorts of performances but have also used a hydrophone for some!

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