What drives you?

What drives you to do what you do? Its not just a rhetorical question, I’d be interested to know both what is the most important creative thing you do & why you do it. I had a great conversation with a friend at the weekend about attempting to clarify what is the core thing that we each individually strive to do and it was interesting at first how much effort it took to clearly identify it, but then, once it was said, how it could be clarified down to quite a simple phrase – epic but simple… Relatedly I was just watching Brian Eno being interviewed by Jools Holland & Eno was effectively asked the exact same question & his answer is quite eloquent (the whole interview is interesting, but the bit I am referring to is at 3’42”)

JH: ‘You clearly love music, what drives you to still be involved?’
BE: ‘I suppose I’ve never really made the music I imagine could exist and as I say this, this attempt to make music, or the attempt to be the person who can live at the extremes of their passions and of their intellect at the same time, is what keeps me going. I want to make a music that could be like that… Its hard actually; in pop music you’re generally encouraged to live with the passion and pretend the intellect doesn’t exist and in classical music you’re encouraged to do the opposite, to pretend that nothing below your neck exists.. so its to try to invent a new kind of music that covers the whole spectrum of human possibilities’

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