Wreck 4 dawn shoot


This was about 6.30am this morning, shooting shipwreck #4 – at least it was far easier to access than wreck #3 which was a 20min drive & 3km hike – hard work getting to it before dawn, but I did!

Sorry this is only an iphone shot – if you want to see the shot from my 5D I’m afraid you are going to have to be very patient, I am in the slow process of creating a book and won’t share final images until its ready… ETA? six months, maybe… not sure.. current plan = self publish, physical & ebook (I am very keen for any advice or experience if you’ve done this before – comments welcome or email me tim@soundbite.co.nz)

Shooting one more location on this trip, but have at least four more trips planned to pretty much every corner of this country…

Every location has provided unique challenges – this one required buying a pair of gumboots so I could wade out in the mud & shoot close ups… And I have to say: nothing makes me more careful than swapping lenses while knee deep in salt water!!

At this location I shot maybe 70 photos between 6.30am and 9.30am, as well as some video and some short timelapses… It was a pleasure to be awake & present in such a place…

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