Organic sun hat




My garden is mostly for eating, but it is also contributing to the HISSandaROAR FOLIAGE #sounddesign library… The corn sounds may have to be a late addition, as they won’t get properly ‘rustly’ until next year…



nuzic 184



▶ Bonobo – Otomo (feat. O’Flynn)

nerdcomment: the way the choir samples are used are a little, tiny bit, Holger Czukay-ish imho….
not a lot but it’s there… i’ll go find the Czukay ref tune i mean, sometime…







▶ Horace Andy – Dub Guidance





Detritus 617



▶ Two stars seems a bit mean



▶ “Spotify’s default album play setting is auto-shuffle”

Nothing makes me angry more than when my dumb car stereo switches my iPod to shuffle… it is not a function I have used or wanted, ever. If anyone needs to ask why, well…

I have enough respect for the incredible amount of talent, effort and hard work that is involved in creating & releasing music, so when I buy a new album or EP I also know the musicians involved have thought hard about track order and how they want their music to be experienced.

So what do Spotify do, BY DEFAULT?
They do whatever they want, because it’s just data to be commoditised and used for data extraction. They don’t GAF about the musician’s intent. Well until someone with enough power complains and suddenly they pay attention…

Every time I think my opinion of Spotify could not sink lower… they surpass my expectations!



Fear Stalks the Land – A Commonplace Book by THOM YORKE & STANLEY DONWOOD





▶ lol…
but it made me start thinking about alpha channels for sounds…



▶ true!





Detritus 616





▶ handy free iOS app for film shooters: Datafilm



Reverse-engineering the Yamaha DX7 synthesizer’s sound chip from die photos



▶ You give money to Spotify? Spotify/Ek gives that money to military/defence startups
Toxic is as toxic does!



▶ And… some questions for Bandcamp (paywalled now, sorry)



▶ Five key factors in creating graphic scores for large groups of improvisors



▶ I am old enough to remember when using ProTools if you held down CONTROL and clicked on a knob or fader it would turn green and you could then assign it to MIDI control. Not sure what version it was but when Digidesign started selling their own hardware cotnrollers that feature magically disappeared… grrrr…
Happy to say Refuse Software have brought back that exact feature via a nifty app called Mulligan!



Copyright and Jamaican music



▶ Ethan Hein is a great twitter follow for interesting music theory analysis, along with his blog eg his analysis of Miles Davis – In a Silent Way is a great read!



▶ I’ve been an ableton LIVE user since version 1, and it is so satisfying to watch the evolution of a great musical instrument and many years later nothing could give me more confidence in the future of ableton than from this article: “….one of the investors asked the two men from Ableton, “What do you guys think about us being part of you?” They proposed an investment that Diplo said would have been a “significant payday” for Ableton…
Behles didn’t budge. “We don’t have any investments in our company,” he replied.
“These tech investors never heard anything like that,” Diplo remembers. “Everybody was like, ‘What?’”

Sitting in the Ableton office, he elaborates on the company’s vision to never sell out — even after he and the other partners are no longer with us. “The desire to preserve the company’s independence also makes us look for solutions that guarantee beyond our own tenured lifetime,”

via CDM


▶ Also from the same article, we can see why investors are so interested in a new market to exploit: “Worldwide, 500 million people either play an instrument or plan to learn, according to MIDiA Research; 50 million make or record music, and 25 million upload that music to streaming services.”



▶ I could live here… except they appear to have forgotten to install a vegetable garden…





Temperature Inversion



My field recording work is often exterior, so I am often dependent on the weather… Wind & rain ruin recordings (unless that’s what I’m recording) but watching the weather forecast I keep noticing how the wind is always lower at night… Why is that?

Answer: temperature inversion
Longer answer is here





Concert meme

First concert: Talking Heads at Sweetwaters South, Christchurch 1984
Last: Ryoji Ikeda & Eklekto – Kyoto Experiment 2017
Best: Nelsh Bailter Space at Canterbury University, 1985
Best: Sly & Robbie at Wellington Town Hall, 2003
Best: Amiina + Sigur Ros at St James Theatre, Auckland, 2006
Best: Ryoki Ikeda, WWW Shibuya Tokyo, 2016
Worst: Too many to name
Loudest: Public Enemy – Fear of A Black Planet at Logan Concrete Centre, Auckland, 1990
Seen most: Quality not quantity.
Wish I’d seen: Bob Marley at Western Springs, Auckland NZ, 1979



Triple Graft Apple



I bought a triple grafted apple tree July 2020, and I was thrilled to see it blossom this spring… And now the blossoms are turning into Apples! I still can’t get used to the idea of totally different flavours from the same tree! The triple graft is Braeburn, Golden Delicious and Royal Gala and each of the following photos is taken of fruit on each branch:




Not yet sure which is which, but the first bite will reveal all!