nuzic 204



▶ Stinky Jim – Spacial Awareness



▶ Little Dragon – Frisco



▶ Hudson Mohawke – Cry Sugar





Detritus 654



▶ who made this? i love it!



▶ ‘Better late than never’:
How Brian Eno and David Byrne finally laid a (Bush of Ghosts) musical ghost to rest



▶ growing up as a audionerdlinger sonic obsessive, i always thought ‘total recall’ would be the ultimate performative mix environment. Perform, sequence and improvise mixes with total recall.
But wow, a synth with total recall!



▶ The Money Is In All The Wrong Places



Flawed Supervision?



▶ Climate activists fill golf holes with cement after water ban exemption



▶ memes…



▶ and more…



▶ and more…



▶ Volca SCREECH!





Steam powered

While down South I visited this new vehicle museum in Geraldine – its not open to public yet…
Super keen to record the steam whistles (& steam powered bell!) on these beasts!
Also planning to capture an IR in there – massive space!




And now we are 12

Today marks HISSandaROAR’s 12th Birthday!!
As is our tradition, we have just launched our Birthday Sale with 50% off every library, and a special offer on COMPLETE 110! The sale runs until the end of the month, and I have some giveaways and other fun stuff planned, so stay tuned…
plus a very special new library release next week!!





West Coast road trip

Day 1, up early to catch the ferry South… weather has turned Southerly & once we get out into Cook Strait, the ferry is making huge booms every 4-5 seconds as we drop off a wave!! Rolling!

Then a four hour drive… Blenheim & Wairau valley very flooded!!

Stopped at great junk store in Murchison and bought some metal percussion & a big bowable spring, for $21 total!

Arrived to Cape Foulwind Air BnB in time to have a fly… My car & air BnB are on rhs of frame:

My primary mission for this trip was to visit & shoot Motukiekie Beach, which I had never heard of before but saw some stunning photos when researching…

8.50am Monday morning
After driving for an hour in the dark & climbing down a sketchy track, based purely on blog hearsay… ‘across the road from the blue bach’ – shot 4 rolls of film & stayed until the incoming tide chased me out.

As close to a self as I get:

Laster in the day I went up to Denniston, hoping to 4WD up to Mt Rochfort but seems mining has closed the access route 🙁

Shot this on the way back – looking to Westport, from Denniston

Zooming in on the DSLR shot, the large scale land works near Fairdown is very impressive!! I presume for drainage…

Detritus 653



▶ this made me LOL…
I’m no conspiracist, but the ‘joke’ was perfectly set up!



▶ Sounds existential because it is: What is a stream, anyway?



▶ Wow I never knew how monopolistic Audible is!



▶ classic social media post! All headline and no substance….
You see the above and think wow, surely they don’t do that every day!
And you would be correct. They did it once!
“Published for “Greenery Day” on May 4, 2016, the special edition dedicated to environmental news was printed on 100% biodegradable paper with plant-based ink, and embedded with seeds that, when planted, would grow into flowers to attract butterflies and other pollinators, or herbs to eat…. The plantable newspaper initiative reached 4.6 million people, and generated over $700,000 for the publisher, as well as over 80 million yen worth of press that went far beyond newspapers alone…”



▶ great: a Bioacoustics Stackexchange



▶ Fascinating: Watergate tape forensics



▶ Overdue: Sunset of the social network



▶ “Planet of the Apes Macaque gangs”
This was not on my ‘living in crazy times’ bingo card!
Member of Japanese monkey gang terrorising locals caught and killed



fck FOMO



fps for animation
via HackerNews



▶ vfunny! Snood FTW!





nuzic 203



▶ Britney Spears – Toxic performed by eight electric devices: an epilator, 2 toothbrushes, 3 credit card machines, and 2 typewriters.



▶ Skrillex, Noisia, josh pan & Dylan Brady – Supersonic (My Existence)



▶ Herbert – Fantasy (Floating Points Remix)



▶ Innerzone Orchestra People Make – The World Go Round (J88 mix) prod. by J Dilla





Detritus 652



▶ beautiful xpan prints by Virgilijus Usinavicius-Augulis



Bill Watterson, Picasso, and HN On Self Promotion



▶ mmmm eigenvalue chords



▶ a lot of invaluable wisdom in this thread



▶ You might think an air-gapped computer is safe… think again!?!



▶ great news, thanks to the hard work of a lot of people:
Kākāpō population at its highest in almost 50 years
Have you ever heard a Kākāpō ‘boom’?

The sound reminds me of Taonga Puoro performance with Hue (not a coincidence)



▶ For anyone interested to DIY a LOM Priezor EMF sensor, Jonas has kindly updated the dxf file to make laser cutting easy using eg in USA
see priezor_a3.dxf



▶ FourTet on his 155-Hour Sp.tify Pl@ylist



▶ funny thread



▶ Fascinating read: The first interview with the Panama Papers Whistleblower



▶ 1/4″ DJ






Close-up of the edge of a 35mm film print. Every last bit of space is used for audio data:
Left: Sony Dynamic Digital Sound (SDDS)
Between sprocket holes: Dolby Digital
Waveform pairs on the right: Analog optical sound
Right dashed lines: DTS time codes

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