nuzic 149



▶ Ryoichi Kurokawa – ad/ab Atom



▶ Brascon & Seasoul – Treesong – Robag Wruhme mix



▶ Faserklang – Sound Syndrom



▶ Altone – Forest Land [GRSCL16]





then now




Someone posted an old postcard on local FB group…
Soon after, someone who lives near where it would have been shot from, posted a photo…
Me: into Photoshop with them both!





Slow mo Fantail




Video filmed by Prof. Jim Dale




Backyard Yakitori



Step 1: discovering a local company LittleBBQ imports Japanese yakitori grill and charcoal for them…


Step 2:


Step 3: testing!




Detritus 559









via @PeterBirro:
“Extraordinary videoclip from the recording studio where Sergio Leone directs the sound effects guy Renato Marinelli during the post production of For a few dollars more and The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.





▶ free drum machine samples via reverb



▶ I love Natura 1600 but…



▶ If Rockets were Transparent





▶ This is toxic capitalism:

YouTube are going to serve Ads on channels that aren’t eligible for its partner program!


I purposefully do not have ads on any of my videos because I fckng hate ads and do not want them inflicted on anyone while watching one of my videos. So it isn’t that I am not ‘eligible’ for their ad revenue share, it’s that I DO NOT WANT IT! (I keep a mirror copy of all online vids on vimeo so if they start serving ads on Youtube I will switch to vimeo as my primary video server. #Tonedeaf)

I also pay monthly for Youtube Red specifically to avoid seeing ads when watching vids on Youtube. This clearly is about $$$$ so WTF? Why not do what vimeo do and offer a paid yearly sub/buy out for advertising-free video hosting, as per Youtube Red!? It is odd when a company as big as Google do a worse job than a small company like Vimeo.





Your question?



Love this screen grab – look at the body language!
What was the question??



It’s from an interview back in 2011 when they released that collab album…


Everything1017 from Hillman Curtis on Vimeo.


For musical anthropologists it is fascinating to see such talented humans,
in their studios/workspaces, of the era/time…

/end David Attenborough voice