Welcome to the future – pay to have your data harvested

XLN released a new plugin & app recently, called LIFE
I own & quite like their drum machine plugin XO so I checked out LIFE and even installed the demo. So what does LIFE do?

Well it does two seperate things.

First, it provides an easy means of capture via a ‘field recorder’ app for your phone or a plugin for your DAW. And you then transfer the recordings to the LIFE app and it creates beats using your recordings as source material. At a glance it seems automagical – click random until you hear a beat you like & then proceed…
Cost US$109

So whats the second thing it does?
Well you wouldn’t know unless you read the T&C:

So the second thing it does, which you pay US$109 for, is that LIFE acts as a data harvester. By PAYING to use their plugin XLN obtain the right to harvest and use your recordings for AI training. So thats strike 1 and makes LIFE unuseable for me. But it gets worse, read that 7(a) clause again. They assume the rights to everything you make with their app!??

My two word review, before I deinstall the LIFE demo I hadn’t even tried yet?



So this is one way around the legal issue of training AI with copyright material: slip a clause into your app granting all rights AND make the user pay for it!

The reputational damage of never trusting XLN again?
The reputational damage of all those synthfluencers & their testimonials?




Detritus 721





▶ A good book for field recordists & photographers: Eric Sloane’s Weather book



▶ Aardman is running out of clay and have only got enough to make the next ‘WALLACE & GROMIT’ film. The studio that usually provides them with clay has been shut down.



▶ Bandcamp Just Trying To ‘Keep The Lights On’ Following Epic Sale, Layoffs



Prince Far I Tribute site





▶ what a joke!
Spotify will end service in Uruguay due to bill requiring fair pay for artists



“Intersect” by Photographer Winni Wintermeyer
#boyracers #fragilemasculinity



Sampha x Song Exploder



▶ We don’t know how to contain or align a FOOMing AGI



▶ great perspective drawing by bkartchitect01







Roses from my Mothers Garden

Title sounds like a schmaltzy UK drama… With my Dads passing & my Mum being in a carehome, their home is on the market and my last road trip down South was partly to help clear it out. Being Spring their garden is looking stunning, so I shot some photos of my Mums roses…
These were shot with iPhone:

Isn’t this one mesmerizing!! I looked at it for a while before I realised it is upside down..

and a Fuschia!

The iPhone does well, only issue was its close focus is not close… so its easy to take out of focus close photos, when I had to back off a bit, focus & then zoom a bit…

These were shot at dusk, with Canon 5D3 and Zeiss 50mm F1.4 lens wide open:

Totally different feel to the iPhone photos – can’t say any are better due to them being so different but the iPhone does a great job of a quick snapshot without much focus control. Shooting through a fast lens wide open in lower light means totally different approach to composition… Only conclusion: nature is beautiful!




nuzic 245



▶ Freddie McGregor – Big Ship Sailing



▶ Protoje – Late at Night Ft. Lila Iké



▶ Mungo’s Hi Fi ft Lady Ann – Good Lovin



▶ Bob Marley – So Much Trouble In The World (Bill Laswell Remix)




Moritz von Oswald – Silencio

“This short documentary accompanies Moritz von Oswald on the journey to his album Silencio and searches for an answer to the question if synthesizers can sing.

The compositions were written in Moritz von Oswald’s Berlin studio on classic synthesizers, such as the EMS VCS3 and the Moog Model 15. These abstract recordings were transcribed to sheet music for choir by Berlin-based Finnish composer and pianist, Jarkko Riihimäki and performed by Vocalconsort Berlin in Ölberg church in the city’s Kreuzberg district, only few meters down the road from where Dubplates & Mastering and Hard Wax opened their doors for music enthusiasts for many years so long.

The recordings of the choral versions were then incorporated into the synthesized parts….”



Detritus 720



via plus photos



▶ fascinating read: The secret history of our (NZ) nuclear-free policy



▶ new hearing aid customers self identifying at 0.12



The Larry Katz collection, 1980-2005 consists of interviews recorded on audiocassettes conducted by Larry Katz, a reporter, critic, columnist and editor at Real Paper (1980-1981), The Boston Herald (1981-2011) and the resulting publications. For decades he interviewed some of the most established names in music as well as overlooked pioneers, talented newcomers and Boston-area legends. Most of the interviews are with musicians and singers, but there are also many with persons involved in the recording, film, theater, television and literary industries.
me: downloading interviews with Lee Scratch Perry, Junior Marvin, Bob Marley



▶ learning to shoot manual exposure? this DOF simulator helps!



▶ Brian Eno – Imaginary Landscapes 1989



▶ lol








Two new HISSandaROAR libraries just released!

Worldizing analog synth sub bass
with Buchla Easel, SH101, MS10, Cat SRM, Livewire AFG
via 300W Trace Elliot Bass Amp, Dayton Bass Shakers + IR4 Speakers

Note: its not a vid for your phone
Please listen on studio speakers, prefably with sub!

Recorded for a film back in 2012 before RNZAF retired their fleet