Detritus 751



▶ or… a sound designer!



▶ me in that situation, silently: ‘damn! I should be recording this room tone….’









▶ geddit?





▶ Time Bandits
Lots of locals been working on this…



The Incredible Thing We Do During Conversations
“When we talk we take turns, where the “right” to speak flips back and forth between partners. This conversational pitter-patter is so familiar and seemingly unremarkable that we rarely remark on it. But consider the timing: On average, each turn lasts for around 2 seconds, and the typical gap between them is just 200 milliseconds—barely enough time to utter a syllable. That figure is nigh-universal. It exists across cultures, with only slight variations. It’s even there in sign-language conversations.”



▶ Théo Mérigeau – Tambour de Pan (thanks Dan)



▶ excellent resource: DPA Microphone University



▶ wow – be careful using soundcloud to host private audio. Twitter link explains how the link to private audio can be found via brute force methods #leaky



▶ Welsh government commits to making lying in politics illegal

“Truth-telling is essential to democracy. As voters, we should be entitled to rely on the statements made by our elected representatives. This measure will ensure that politicians are held to the same standards as lawyers and doctors who already have enforceable truth-telling obligations. This seems to me to be long overdue.”



▶ well done VIMEO!!


Your turn YOUTUBE!?





▶ With Advancements in Technology, is AI Really a Threat to Human Composers?


the myth of AI democratizing creativity


▶ re AI and ‘Fair Use’ as defence


▶ also a warning to AI industry: Copyright is the wrong hill to die on


▶ also interesting, especially after that Microsoft AI CEO claimed everything online is free to scrape… OpenAI’s news publisher deals reportedly top out at $5 million a year



















▶ Flexatone Quartet by Juri Seo
I bought a Flexatone a while ago and I came across this performance while learning techniques for playing it… The whole score & performance is great, but if you only watch one part skip to 5.54
I love scores that involve some kind of rules based game eg Sangatsu with Suzuki hand chimes
I’d appreciate any other similar examples of the technique – please comment if you know of any?
I especially love how such work harks back to musical games for kids…















Detritus 750



▶ Insurance agent: “Can you repeat that please? You were driving with a what?”





▶ interesting read: Art and Artifice



▶ The Joy of Reading Books You Don’t Entirely Understand (same for films!)



▶ Debating how to best protect artists from AI. I wonder how long until the audio equivalent of Glaze as part of mastering audio is possible.



▶ this is such an unexpected sound!
longhorn beetle walking – Albro T. Gaul

From the Folkways album Sounds of Insects by Albro T. Gaul < PDF liner notes is great read!



▶ ROTOЯ | Sonic Body is a multimedia work by artist collective NO1 made up of Peter Kutin, Patrik Lechner, Mathias Lenz.
Interview & more info at Derivative












▶ That F1 sound





Two new HISSandaROAR libraries released!

Two new HISSandaROAR libraries just released:
VEH004 TRAILER IMPACTS = multitrack metal impacts


And a new Impulse Response library: IR005 SPRINGS


First capturing IRs from my studio gear (AKG BX5, Vermona Retroverb, Buchla Easel,
Roland Space Echo 201 & Chorus Echo 555, Doepfer A199.
Second, IRs in springs ranging from 3.4m long to 140mm.
Third capturing IRs from resonant wireframe objects.

Discount available until July 14th!



Detritus 749



▶ wild new processor: Polynodes



▶ This might set some precedents: US Record Labels Sue AI Music Generators Suno and Udio for Copyright Infringement or… end up in an equity exchange, like Spotify?



▶ interesting idea: tune your steel drum with magnets & this one comes with magnets



▶ shots fired… at Adobe
Blackmagic: “No AI Training”
And Figma show how to do it:



▶ Fascinating : Sci-Fi Interfaces





great book for travel photography tactics & advice
much would be applicable to field recording too.



▶ As cute as these Kei campervans are, I am pretty sure my feet would be sticking out the end of them.. #notmadefor6ft+gaijin





Moving objects precisely with sound…
mmmm scattering matrix



What my grandmother taught me about John Cage



















Mānawatia a Matariki

Mānawatia a Matariki
Matariki is the Māori name for the cluster of stars, that rises in midwinter and for many Māori, heralds the start of the new year. The return of the cluster is commemorated by Te Rā Aro ki Matariki 2024, which happens on Friday, June 28, this year. Today is a public holiday in Aotearoa, New Zealand. Read more about The Principles for Matariki

Karehana Bay – Mana Island Aotearoa #nz



nuzic 265



▶ Burial – Phoneglow



▶ via – cute PlugData Drum Machine



▶ Doxa Sinistra – No Car, No Job (1985)



▶ Dorothy Ashby – Soul Vibrations (1968)





Flashback to 2019

Repost from when I started recording BEACHES THREE Ambience library… 10am on a Monday morning, September 16th 2019 at my favourite beach in all of Aotearoa… Playing the long game!

I was intrigued to see if Twitter retained an archive. It does, although endlessly scrolling on my account did not reveal it – that access seemed to grind to a hault in 2022. But a search for “Tim Prebble Totaranui” revealed it.

You can see why the area is known as Golden Bay!
It’s on the path of Abel Tasman Track a very popular & relatively easy 3-5 day hike… A great beach for a swim for tired limbs! Also accessible for slackers like me by road from Takaka.



Detritus 747



▶ Another interesting take on EMF – Demon Box





▶ Forget the Braams and horror stings…



▶ So Apple has introduced a new system called “Private Cloud Compute” that allows your phone to offload complex (typically AI) tasks to specialized secure devices in the cloud… an interesting read/thread



▶ If you use Twitter you may have come across clothing/fashion advocate/critic Derek Guy and, in hindsight fascinating to see when and how his exposure escalated



▶ re comment in previous Detritus about magnet fishing: xkcd



▶ Eco-brutalism: when angular concrete meets the wonder of nature – in pictures



Music lawyer sharing useful knowledge via Youtube vids



▶ Eliane Radigue, 87 ans, pionnière de l’électro



▶ Hype from the top? “the Michael Jordan of listening” lol





I suspect generative AI would do themselves some favours by reining in the hype. It can’t deliver ‘anything we can imagine” – thats a silly claim,
so it comes off like a tech bro snake oil salesman… I also wonder about the long term impacts of ‘deskilling’ via AI. The only reason we are each able to write coherently is from practice. Farm that out to an AI in your youth and does your brain actually develop & retain those skills? Or is that the old ‘you wont have a calculator in your pocket later’? Is a musician who only knows how to “make” music via a text prompt really a musician? Find out. Turn the power off.







▶ BEAT DIGGIN’ (2003 Version)





nuzic 264



▶ Alva Noto – HYbr:ID Sync Dark



▶ Skee Mask – ITLP19 – Resort



▶ Yoyaku instore session with Octal Industries



▶ Nils Frahm – Live at the Philharmonie de Paris





Taonga Pouoru

I just pre-ordered a new book: Echoes from Hawaiki: The origins and development of Māori and Moriori musical instruments by Jennifer Cattermole (Otago University Press, 2024)

“Echoes from Hawaiki is a comprehensive account of taonga pūoro ancestral musical traditions and instrument-playing techniques.

In this thoroughly researched and beautifully illustrated book, Jennifer Cattermole traces the origins and development of taonga pūoro, the stories they carry and how they connect present-day iwi with ancestral knowledge and traditions. She shows how traditional Māori and Moriori musical instruments have developed in response to available materials and evolving cultural needs, from their ancestral origins through the suppression of their use in nineteenth and early twentieth-century Aotearoa New Zealand, to their revival in the present day.”

A beautiful set of recordings too, with performances from each instrument.



FIXED: Vestax PD2000


Many many years ago I bought a pair of Technics SL1200 decks and kept them for many years, but when vinyl shopping at Beautiful Music (used to be on Ponsonby Road back in the day) I tried out their turntables which were Vestax PD2000 and I liked them so much I sold one of my SL1200 and bought one. They felt a bit lightweight compared with the SL1200 but the key features were that the PD2000 had a backwards button, so you could play records backwards at a consistent speed… And there is the speed control. The PD2000 had Ultra Pitch which meant you could slow records down to a crawl, which was very useful when sampling… All good!

But some years later it developed a weird problem, like it was possessed!
If you put a record on, it might play for 10 seconds… then it would switch to reverse at high speed! Or it would play at a weird speed. It became completely unreliable and a little dangerous, sometimes the sudden change in direction & speed would throw the tone arm off the record… I did searches of how to fix it & had no luck, so its sat unused for years…

Today I was in a mood for fixing things as have had a few successes recently bringing things back to life I suspected were history, so I did some more searches an found this article

“This is a really common fault with this model of TT. I’ve just repaired a pair of them with the same problem.

You need to remove the bottom cover of the deck then take the round cover off the bottom of the motor assembly. Be really careful with that, delicate sensitive stuff inside. Once you remove the screws use a small flat blade screwdriver to lift the cover free of the rubbery glue that seals and holds it in place.

Once removed, in the centre of that cover is a small black rubber cirlce about 6mm in diameter that the shaft of the motor rotates on. The problem causing all of that erratic platter movement is with this small black circle.

The solution I found was to use double sided tape to hold this part in place. This serves two purposes. First, to stop the part from moving off its required location, Secondly, to raise the part up slightly from the bracket that it sits on. Layer the double sided tape up so its the around the same thickness as the small black rubber circle. Then place the black cirlcle into its original location bedding it firmly into the tape.

A tiny small dollop of grease on the end of the motor shaft. Replace the motor and bottom covers.
Bingo! The decks a-go-go!”

I was prepared to suspend my disbelief long enough to try it, and ten minutes later it seems to have worked! I’m going to leave it playing for an hour or two and see if its a permanent fix, but for now it is holding locked speed!

What record/s did I play first? These:

Alva Noto 2 x 10″ locked groove
Discogs names it: Carsten Nicolai Aka Noto – ∞ – Sonar Endless Loop Edition and dates it from 2003 but there are a few versions so not 100% sure…

Fun to jam with…


Now to get back to my vinyl




New Instruments



Fantastic to see so much innovation currently!



▶ very interesting interview & demoes of the prototype Acoustic Synth at Korg Berlin!
Really exciting to hear him discuss how users customising the resonators/tines is encouraged…



▶ KOMA – Chromaplane
wow what a genius idea!!





Detritus 746







▶ Understanding, finding & eliminating ground loops in audio systems: PDF



▶ They need to make a new series of the Detectorists, except magnet fishing



▶ I saw this mentioned on twitter and got a kindle copy to read:
The Perfectionist’s Guide to Losing Control – Authors site + Amazon link



▶ wow DJI think their drones will be banned from USA



▶ Why electronic components have such odd values



▶ ancient ‘walking tree’ wins tree of the year



▶ some interesting work has been added to the dadamachine site



▶ As a kid I read and re-read the local free NZ music news magazine Rip It Up (its first 102 issues, running from 1977 to 1985, are available via the Papers Past website). It was fuel for my dreams, especially if there was a photo of a recording studio… Very occasionally I’d read UK magazines (while “browsing” in a book store) but I never, ever thought for a second I would be quoted by one of them, and for this lol It’s also been republished a few times now (I’d never know other than for a Google Alert I set up a decade ago… its been pinging me all week as it gets reposted in online magazines… Mixmag was today)



▶ relavant: the AI content production machine



▶ also relevant:







▶ actually good advice





▶ sheesh win an Oscar and still no final cut – that is one company I am glad to have nothing to do with. Still salty about the Hobbit law



▶ Exhibition of AI-produced photos at Auckland Festival of Photography stolen
Did they just get out-grifted?







Adobe enshittification?



▶ This perplexes me. A lot of people who shoot film now, don’t keep their negatives! This article explains the same issue but the local lab I sue for months now has been haranguing people to either come pick up their negatives or they will be dumped. Negatives are not like boxes of vinyl, they are tiny and easily stored. As that article quotes Ansel Adams, “the negative is like a composer’s score and the print is the performance” so why would someone who goes to the trouble of shooting film throw away their future potential to make prints!? #regretsy



▶ guilty as charged, constanoo



▶ 108 is a minimal beat machine in your browser!