Air Drop Pils




Garage Project AIR DROP Pilsner
“originally brewed with the legendary Victory Brewing Company in Downingtown, Pennsylvania. Riffing on their flagship Prima Pils, this crisp, super aromatic brew is packed with Riwaka, Nelson Sauvin and Motueka hops giving a delightful antipodean twist to this classic beer”





nuzic 188



▶ Mutabaruka, I Rainy & SImbad – Catch, Loot, Steal



▶ Linton Kwesi Johnson – Fite Dem Back



▶ LKJ in Dub – Btch dub



▶ Cassetteboy – Rage Against the Party Machine





Listening from 2500km away!

This is incredible!

Yesterday evening when I was out in the garden messing around with the bath, I heard some distant booms. They sounded like large scale fireworks or munitions, distant enough to have that pahrump sound to them, but carrying enough sub bass that you could feel the scale. I thought to myself why would anyone have a fireworks display during daylight? And I should do a search to see what caused it… Soon after a friend on Twitter messaged me: did I hear it? Yes, but what was it?
The eruption in Tonga, 2500km away!

At first I thought he was joking.
But checking official Twitter accounts:

NZ MetService:

There were comments on that tweet from people all over NZ who heard it.
I would not call what I heard “a rumble” – it was definitely discrete booms!

But even more amazing: people heard it in Alaska 6000km away!!




Check the shockwave captured from Himawari Satellite

“Japanese Geostationary Satellite ‘Himawari-8’ captured an eruption of a volcano near Tonga. Not only the eruption but also the shock wave can be seen. On the other hand, the terminator between daylight and night caught up with the shock wave. This means the terminator runs faster than the speed of sound, that is, the surface speed of the Earth’s rotation exceeds the speed of sound, and we are rotating at supersonic speeds!”


Good info here with regards to scale of eruption



LOL you got to love Facebook commenters:

“Are you sure? On the 6pm news it had already erupted and they had initial video of the early tsunami waves”

me: speed of sound in dry air at 20 deg C = 343 m / s, Plimmerton is 2317km (or 2317000metres) from Tonga… By my maths that = 6,755 seconds or 112 minutes of travel time. Of course speed of sound would vary a bit with humidity & temperature…




Procrastination 0 Me 1

Ages ago – like maybe 6+ months – I got obsessed with the idea of an outdoor bath, started saving photos of set ups I found online etc… And I started stalking the local auction site and bought a good bath for very little ($20) and picked it up… But a week later a much better bath appeared, for similarly little cost. This one was much bigger, deeper so I bought it and figured I’d use bath #1 for a compost worm farm, and bath #2 for the outdoor bath…

Time passes..

Summer here at the moment is so hot, it’s almost better to sit outside at night for some cooler air. And I was sitting outside the other night & it was a clear sky, the stars looked amazing and I thought Dagnammit! Where is my outdoor bath!?

Step 1.
I found a tutorial online: how to frame a bath

Step 2. Measure the bath

Step 3. Buy the wood

Step 4: Assembly

Handily, the laundry in my house is in the back corner and has hot water. And there is also a storm water drain right outside the laundry window, so my initial plan is to simply run a hot water hose out the laundry window. I already have a cold water hose for watering the greenhouse etc…

I won’t connect up a drain yet as I haven’t decided on the final location for the bath, but also being summer I want to conserve water so I suspect I will just leave the water in the bath after each use, and then will use the water on the garden rather than flush it all down the drain.

Procrastination sucks, but it feels good to conquer it!

All going according to plan, I should test the bath late tonight…
Hopefully without any more trips to the hardware store.
I don’t have anything to cover the framing yet, but again want to beta test the bath before I go committing to position, look etc

Considering what a great asset it will be, it has been a cheap DIY project.
Bath cost nz$25, the treated wood, nails & bolts cost maybe nz$150
So under $200 total for something I will thoroughly enjoy every so often….
And even in winter will be fun to have a hot bath outside, like an onsen!



Update: it lives!

Conclusions of first test: HEAVENLY!!

Also: LOVING the lack of verb out there for recording!
Will definitely be devising some water FX to record





Detritus 624



▶ Q&A with Sound Designer Dane Davis (Matrix films x Metasynth)
UPDATE: Replay the stream at Youtube



▶ Fourtet takes on two music industry monopolies



▶ marketing that is “indistinguishable from satire?”



▶ Thousands of public domain sound recordings added to Citizen DJ in 2022!
me: downloads a 1.9GB archive of Jazz WAV files
me: downloads a 1.5GB archive of Blues WAV files
me: boots up PaulStretch



First impressions of web3?





▶ Say what???? Cannabis compounds prevented covid infection in laboratory study



▶ Friendos do not let friendos clap on the 1 and 3, they do something about it….
nunchuks would be one solution, but playing 5/4 for a bar works!



Dicks In Space via Jon Stewart The Problem





Exploded RZ1




Everything should come with an exploded diagram!

Scored a Casio RZ1 cheap at auction as it’s a little the worse for wear…
Cracked/broken case, and some of the buttons have fallen inside the case.
But it powers up & none of the circuit boards or wiring appears damaged,
so we shall see if the exploded diagram actually helps me,
or is just encouraging eye candy…
12 bit beats!









Stoked to release first new HISSandaROAR #soundlibrary for 2022:
SD050 FOLIAGE = 11Gb of tree, branch, plant, bush, vege movements.

Recorded across two seasons of winter & spring, this new library includes:
leafy branch moves, hits, swishes, passbys, breaks
palm, fern and flax movement
pine, wattle, kawa kawa leafy branch manipulation
corn rustles and movement
sustained ambience sweeteners
small scale leaf and twig movement flaps
fresh rhubarb and zucchini leaves, and dead autumn leaves
grass gouges, scrapes, footsteps and scuffs
slingshot bullet whizzes into bushes and ricochets from trees
clay clod and dirt throw into bushes
branch and log hits & drops

Note: 33% Early Bird Discount Expires Jan 23




A side note: I’ve come to realise I simply can’t edit a video if I don’t like the music. I usually make a beat to cut to, and refine it as I go… But this cut I started off with a beat and I just wasn’t enjoying it… Took a break, made a new beat, played some rhodes and I was happily back to cutting picture!
I guess it’s easier when the picture editor, field recordist, musician and library developer are all the same person. No Less egos to tip toe around 😉
But I do always thank myself when I get to the point of outputing an OMF.
Good work you/me: now lets get the sound nerd to edit & mix it!
Also me: hey who are you calling a nerd, ya fckng numpty!
Also me: STFU




Detritus 623





▶ Chris Watson – Sounds of Isolation podcast series available for download at BBC



▶ The UN Report on Streaming

“Payments are so paltry that many performers are simply quitting. According to a survey taken by 5,800 artists in Europe, 90% of performers indicate that the streaming market has given them no meaningful return in income. Polls in the UK and Sweden reveal that 1 in 3 musicians are planning to quit their profession. Music recording is expensive and time consuming, and as musicians’ incomes continue to dwindle, it could regress from a viable occupation to an amateur practice only the wealthy can enjoy.

“One question for policymakers is whether creators in all categories are to become hobbyists out of necessity due to the streaming imbalance.”

Streaming is quite literally destroying music.”



▶ A list of everything the music business needs to fix or get rid of in 2022…



▶ “Japan completely bucks the trend. Twitter reigns supreme by a considerable margin with 48.65 percent to Facebook’s measly 16.4 percent…”
Japan is also one of the few places that Yahoo is still a large active entity…



▶ sugoi! Kore-eda Hirokazu is making a series for Netflix!



▶ “Berger thought of songs as being forms of possession: they are hauntings, in a way. “In every song there is a distance,” he writes, and also an absence.
Songs as shelters in time



▶ Its a GoPro video… PSA: MUTE THE “epic” MUSIC!!








At the front of my house, there has always been this bit of unused garden… It is well sheltered from the NW winds, but the soil is clay – useless to grow anything in… so the only things that grew there were weeds… Back before the holidays I decided to convert it into a Tamarillo garden.
This photo is from November 7th, 2021 after weeks of digging clay out in my spare time…

I’ve grown Tamarillos before – the first plant grew well, taller than me, but it never fruited and eventually the gale NW winds destroyed it. The next one I grew in my greenhouse and it’s now hitting the roof in there! But I discovered an interesting aspect purely by accident: I was attempting to move the big tamarillo plant and I snapped a branch off by mistake. Thinking I had nothing to lose, I put the branch in soil, kept watering it… And within a month it was happily growing! So I now have two large tamarillo plants in my greenhouse and they have flowered, and for the first time they have fruit on them!

I snapped another branch off, again by mistake, and planted it outside the greenhouse in a root bag… And it’s been growing well, so I decided it could go in the new garden spot, and I also went to the local plant store and got three other varieties of tamarillo, and along with many 20kg bags of compost, potting mix and peat, in they went!

This photo is from November 21st, two weeks later, with four tamarillo plants and lots of sunflowers planted…

And here they are Jan 6th 2022, with two weeks growth since the previous photo

Some of the sunflowers are giants, and they claim can grow up to 4.5 metres tall…
That one on the right is a contender, already six foot tall.
Another few months of summer will reveal all!



UPDATE Jan 17th
Sunflower on the very right is now over six foot tall!





nuzic 187



▶ Various Artists – ‘beech trees’



▶ Various Artists – Best of spclnch 2021



▶ Schulz Audio – A Shimmer Of Hope [GRSCLM049]





So hot right now



No not Beyonce…

although her song with its sampled beat is so good…
it reminds me of that other 1 thing beat sample


#whosampled is so good!

I never thought I’d say these words but… it is so hot in Wellington right now!
I am having to resort to Japan summer holiday tactics!?!

tactic 1: towell in the freezer

It hit 30 degrees C here today! First time in the seven years I’ve lived in Karehana Bay…
I checked my greenhouse: 43 degrees! Whoah!!!! I had watered all the plants early this morning, so they weren’t wilting… but it was tropical hot & humid! I opened both doors & temp dropped to 37…. still crazy hot, for here!