202009 Road Trip film update



NOTE TO SELF ie for the archive:

Dropped off to SPLENDID LAB on Friday:
13 rolls x Kodak TMax 100 x XPAN
6 rolls x Kodak TriX 400 x Contax T2 and Canon 1V SLR
2 rolls x Kodak Ektar 100 x XPAN
3 rolls x Fuji Natura 1600 x NATURA S

24 rolls!?!
To shoot 24 rolls of film (half is xpan, other half between three other cameras) plus drone & DSLR footage… plus all the multitrack recordings? Best road trip ever!

Having been stuck at home for 8+ months this was the most productive road trip I have ever done. Stuck at home, with fibre, means LOTS of time to research…

Apart from that, all the Ektachrome stock I shot is currently put aside, as I have a shoot this week (Ektachrome 35mm stills & Super 8 film) before sending all the Ektachrome to REVERSAL.

I feel blessed that the process of my primary work mediums requires social distancing. Landscape photography, field recording, aerial photography via drone all are better as far away from other people as possible!

The worst aspect of COVID is that the pain is not evenly distributed.





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