5×5 Velvia

Velvia 100 is my favourite colour film, and I managed to order 5 boxes of 5 rolls via a recent sale… The unreal part is what this would have cost me, if I paid the retail price! I almost ran out of Velvia when down South & bought a couple of rolls at a retail camera shop…
They charged me NZ$48 per roll or $225 for a box of 5! So 5 boxes of 5 would cost NZ$1,125! Compare that to Yodobashi where 1 roll of Velvia 100 costs Y1,220 (NZ$15.45) and a box of 5 costs Y5,330 (NZ$67.49) – so my stack of 5x 5 rolls x Velvia 100 in Japan would cost N$337.45… not $1,125

For B&W film I stocked up via BHPhoto, since apparently low iso monochrome film doesn’t have the same issues as colour with XRays… and not many local shops actually stock Kodak TriX400, let alone TMax100…

Camera shops in NZ currently sell Kodak TriX400 for NZ$15/roll…
BHPhoto stock it for US$4.95 = NZ$6.87 & Yodobashi stock it for Y937 = NZ$11.86

Camera shops in NZ sell Kodak TMax100 for NZ$16/roll…
BHPhoto stock it for US$5.09/roll = NZ$7.07, Yodobashi stock it for Y880 = NZ$11.13

Kodak is presumably manufactured in USA (which explains why its cheaper to buy it in the USA) and same vice versa for Fuji, in Japan… But that local NZ pricing on Velvia 100 just seems excessive…

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