a fantastic 3D short film

While a lot of big budget 3D work in film aims for the holy grail of photo realism, very little of it ever achieves it, or when it does it falls into the genius area of the audience being oblivious to its presence. Unfortunately the worst of it is often given away by the robotic camera movement or even worse, the lack of any use of focus as a creative tool ie everything is in focus – very uncinematic… You only have to revisit a film that was considered ‘cutting edge’ a year or two ago to appreciate how some 3D really is the emperors new clothes… & those clothes date rapidly & badly…
But when a true artist with a vision works in the medium look out! While checking out the winners of Ars Electronica festival I became incredibly intrigued to see the winning 3D Animation; Codehunters by Ben Hibon (UK) and after a quick search found a copy to see for myself.

Watch it on the small screen here or on the directors site – great soundtrack too by Joris de Man & what a fantastic feature film it would make!!!!!
oops just found a better resolution copy – 150MB quicktime

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