a tidy foley studio?

All I can say on the topic of foley rooms is NEVER trust a tidy one!
The best foley rooms are FULL of props and surfaces to recreate footsteps & performed sound effects, and a good foley artist knows the room, the props & can instinctively reach for a prop to create the ‘right’ sound for any moment… Which is why I love photographing the foley room at the end of each film – every film has some unique requirements so particular props are sourced & become a part of the available collection from then on. Below are a couple of snapshots of the Park Road Post foley room after finishing work on Walden feature film Bridge To Terabithia. The film involved kids climbing trees, hence the large chunks of pine tree you can see in the first photo.

For a great description on foley, have a look here

2 thoughts on “a tidy foley studio?

  1. Freeman

    I work for an artist in london and he would like to do some filming in your Foley studio. while you practice for a sound set ?

    let me know if this will be possible, of if any can help me with this.

    thanks you have a nice day


    1. tim Post author

      you might want to do a litle more research before asking such things, i live in wellington, new zealand – its a long way from London

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