About those pirates…

No, not the ones hijacking ships & getting killed, I mean the four who just lost round one of their court case… Its somehow fitting that the verdict was leaked an hour before it was official & just like a bad screener rip it doesnt really benefit anyone. It just feels a lot like Napster all over again.

But you dont have to be a rocket scientist to realise that facilitating people to break copyright law is going to attract attention from those whose copyright is being broken, and as with licensing music the sad thing is that often it is often not the high profile artists themselves who have any say in the debate. They gave up their rights to their record labels, who like that brilliant documentary The Corporation illustrates; behave, when analysed as though they are human beings, in an essentially psychotic manner. (Note to self: try not to pick fights with psychotic people, there are no winners)

The one thing Pirate Bay & their court case have achieved is this: it has pushed the debate a little further down that bumpy road to establishing the means by which digitally distributed art (music, films etc) can be both accessible, affordable & at the same time provide a return to the people who matter the most in this debate: the artists. Releatedly Imomus on his Click Opera site has some great commentary on the ramifications of the court case (the comments are especially worth a read.) But it seems to me the retrospective debate will rage indefinitely, or at least until the copyright expires on all the artists work that was created before ubiquitous internet distribution was available. It is the new generation of artists who are going to evolve the current methods into a form that actually works for them.. and for all of us…

2 thoughts on “About those pirates…

  1. Dan

    Blame Philips for home taping on cassette. Blame the waterworks for what people flush. The record industry is dark dark dark… thank god they will be gone soon.

    These are the dying thrusts of a spoilt generation of hippy kids who got rich selling plastic.

    1. admin Post author

      it is amazing the hatred that is voiced against the (old) music industry when you read the comments on any forums or commentary… but it feels like the music industry is following the banking/finance industries wake, in that the industry was unsustainable – built on unjustifiable greed… we knew CDs only cost like $1 to make & yet the artists get a ridiculously small share….

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