Afunakwa Lullaby by timprebble

In literal terms, I paid way too much for the LP this track is from, but I have zero regrets – it was worth every cent. If you don’t know the back story go read this post…. I can’t listen to it without (a) getting a tear in my eye and (b) imagining recording it, silently watching the meters as you slowly realise you are capturing something so beautiful & beguiling…

This has specific relevance to me as I am involved in 2 (equally great but very different) feature films which will both happen sooner or later (ie +/- 3 years) set on Pacific Islands, and my commitment is such that I can only be involved if I can spend weeks on the island/s recording ambiences and ambient music (ie music in its natural human landscape) And you maybe sure, I shall silently watch my meters….

Solomons LP

Solomons LP tracklist

My only fear is that I may never return…
presuming I can find an island with wifi!

3 thoughts on “Afunakwa

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  2. Turtuga Blanku

    Hi Tim,

    This is indeed a great recording. Songs like these could have easily gone lost in time, if they were not recorded. (An UNESCO-collection, I see on the cover!).

    I’m on an island myself (not the Solomons, I’m in the Caribbean) where I turn sunshine into music (literally). The music I record is not the traditional music of this island, but a pleasant mix of several genres (reggae, rock, funk, latin-elements in them). I call it: recorded sunshine.

    Check it out if you feel like it (


    Turtuga Blanku

    (b.t.w. why would you fear that you’ll never from the islands you are going to visit? Why would that be a bad thing? :^D )

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