Akashi Lighthouse


shot with Sony a6300 + Zeiss 16-70 lense + Lee Big Stopper

3 thoughts on “Akashi Lighthouse

  1. Dawid Moroz

    Hey Tim. How do you like the 16-70 zoom from Zeiss? The opinions on this lens are so different. Did you found it worth the money? Cheers.

    1. tim Post author

      Its good, very good…. but not excellent. I instinctively do not like any lens that do focus-by-wire i.e. focus is not directly mechanical, its via software… So the results from both these Zeiss lenses with the a6300 are good, almost great but not excellent. But not sure of a better option – all of these native lenses I have used with my Sony a6300 feel like a toy (other than proper lenses via a SpeedBooster 😉

      1. Dawid Moroz

        Thanks for reply. That’s the problem with Sony crop sensor cameras. A6300 is so small and powerful, but it’s impossible to find a lens that’s small, perfect quality and versatile. It’s always “pick 2 out of 3” deal. 24-70 gmaster looks good, but it’s too narrow to be versatile on a crop sensor. There’s always Sigma 18-35 ART, but than again AF through adapter is not perfect. I’m looking for a traveling lens, to put it in the bag with my recorders and microphones, have a satisfying quality without hurting my back while climbing the mountains. This Zeiss seems to be the only option right now. What lenses are hidden behind ‘proper lenses’ ? 🙂

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