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If you can bypass the hypebole the iPad looks great: “Andre the Giant has an iPod.” (from a Mefi comment) But watching the promo video on the apple site yesterday I laughed when one of the guys describes it as: “the best movie viewing experience” – you think? So where’s the surround sound, subwoofer, 30m wide screen? In fact it is obviously not designed to watch movies on when you check out the aspect ratio which is 4×3 ie the old CRT TV format – a long way from 16×9 or the truly cinematic 2.35 aspect ratio…. When was the last time you saw a new TV that was 4×3? But apart from sitting on planes why would you want to watch a movie on a small screen anyway? And I won’t miss any iPhone features on the iPad because I don’t have an iPhone – I’m happy with my little iPod Touch & at least people can’t call me on it!
But what are the apps that you can’t wait to see re-versioned for the iPad? It obviously has huge potential as a wireless controller for music, and I don’t imagine it will be long before there is a virtual Monome controller/emulator as well as program specific remotes akin to the LaunchPad. I can also easily imagine something akin to the Lemur appearing on the app store, which to a small degree already exists with the iTouch MIDI apps…

ipad controllers

But also the Dexter, which is a more DAW specific remote based on the same technology as the Lemur. In fact for ProTools it already exists as the ProRemote but expanding it for a larger screen will have a huge impact on its usability.

And a comparison of the physical size of the iPad:

ipad size

I think one aspect of the iPod Touch/iPhone and iPad that needs to be resolved is wireless audio. There are lots of great little music apps – synths, drum machines etc but it seems crazy that you have to be tethered via an audio cable to use them! Now maybe I am confused but doesnt airtunes make this possible? The Airport Express has an audio out mini-jack & it will receive audio via wifi from any iTunes in the area, so surely it can’t be too difficult to employ the same technology?

As far as using the iPad as a reading device I never had any plans to buy a kindle, but I definitely see the merits of the iPad as Kindle-killer. A simple example, whenever I have to read a script; unless I print it out it takes me 3-5 hours of staring at a screen to read it. it will be excellent to be able to do that sitting away from my usual work environment.. But same for the many valuable PDFs, manuals & virtual books… I use the excellent FileMagnet app on my iPod Touch to transfer documents (PDF, word, text etc) from my desktop Mac and the theory is great but the iPod Touch screen is too small for doing very much reading… problem solved!

And apart from a brilliant device for storing & displaying photos, the new iPad will also be excellent for displaying & interacting with QTVRs. I currently use the PangeaVR app and the touch interface is perfect for it, but on a bigger screen it will really do justice to the immersive nature of VR panoramas….

Lastly, for engaging with music the iPad could make a great start back to the days of vinyl in terms of displaying artwork & liner notes….. well…. realistically back to 7″ single territory at least…. the 12″ LP still reigns supreme in that respect!

ipad vinyl

So what are the app/s that will make you part with hard earned cash for an iPad?

14 thoughts on “Apps for your iPad?

  1. James Lewin

    Love the concept images!

    Tim – how about a multichannel multitouch looper or a software effects box that uses the touchscreen as an xy pad?

    I’d go for a basic 8-track audio sequencer, too. iSample on steroids.

    1. tim Post author

      ableton should do a simplified version of LIVE, which would have an instant massive following especially if you could export your live set from the main app…

      1. jerohm

        And what about VST plugins? They’re running on Intel processor, not ARM. Plus Apple does not allow an app that runs plug-ins.

  2. Crispy

    If JazzMutant ported their Lemur ui/software to the iPad, they could extend their mastery of customizable touch controllers beyond their own hardware. There’s probably not much profit in their hardware controllers, which are still to $$$ for most, but they could sell a Lemur app at a fraction of the hardware price + a much higher profit margin, and gain a whole new base of users. I’d definitely throw down for that.

    1. tim Post author

      very true, and it wouldn’t be cannibalizing their Lemur sales because of the price difference – I would love to own a Lemur/Dexter but the its too much $$$ to commit to it, whereas I would buy an iPad & their software…

  3. Brian

    Thanks for the thoughts. I really want to use it to control my music library. Also I shoot QTVRs and have them on my website My beef with the ipad (and the iphone, which I own) is that the Quicktime version on them will not display QTVRs and of course not in flash. I do have some of them on Pangea but that’s just another step and less accessable to the general public. Any ideas you have on the topic would be great. Thanks, Brian

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