4 days of bliss!

the grumpy tired me that left on thursday…
has returned totally chilled out!

first stop was Morere hot pools – pictured is one of the private pools;
40 degrees celcius and $8 for half an hour well spent…

next stop was the bach I rented in Waihau Bay
I arrived after dark, had 2 vodkas & slept for 13 hours

WOW! the view when i woke up!
I took my laptop, mbox, speakers, mics etc & set up a little studio & made a few new tunes (one in particular has been cranking my dial!)

THE best way to start a day – a walk down the beach

& next stop was Tokamaru Bay

after doing lots of research I walked for hours through dense bush to find these ancient ruins (in actual fact I walked 5 minutes up a driveway from the wharf)

hmmmm abstract derelict roof shadows!

i found this broken car in a broken shed by the ruins…
& thought about the lives lived when it was new

next stop was the hot pools at TePuia Springs
go into the bar, give them $5, enjoy half an hour of total bliss!

& last, vivid memory was Tolaga Bay at dusk
if Dali was a kiwi this is where he would live!

heres a photo taken a few years ago from the exact same spot


  1. Nisbet Smith

    Woah Tim, you sure took in a good chunk of the east coast in just a few days – guess that makes you a local, bay. Be good to welcome you back to the laid back vibe sometime.

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