So I’m busy working & have my usual bunch of apps open – ProTools, RX, Scrivener, Email… And suddenly my Mac UI starts going slow like its about to crash…. WTF I have 64GB of RAM, it can’t be the apps… So I boot up Activity Monitor and WTF?

AvidLink, which I have zero use for, is using 96.6% of my Macs CPU!
I Force Quit it and my Mac becomes responsive again…
My next thought: can I delete AvidLink? What use is it?

“Avid Link is a free app for anyone looking to find, connect, and collaborate with other creatives,
promote your work, stream video, purchase and manage products—all in one interface”

No thanks.
But rather than delete it, for now I’ll follow this advice of how to stop it auto-launching
Stop Avid Link from starting at boot

This default of forcing us to have a cloud connection is so tedious, inefficient & tone deaf.
Maybe, just maybe we don’t fckng want banal notifications popping up while we concentrate on actual work!

Similarly the Adobe Creative Cloud app on my Mac keeps displaying a red warning.
Why? Because I deliberately have “Libraries Syncing” to their cloud disabled.
Because I have no use for it.

Stop Adobe Creative Cloud from starting at boot




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    1. tim Post author

      Thanks Richard, I’ll check it out. My poor old iMac is due for replacement sooner or later but I am waiting for an equivalent M3 model. But one thing I have found: I used to sleep my iMac each night & it would crash at least once a day. Now I shut it down at the end of each day, with a fresh boot up next morning & now very, very few crashes… such that I almost never use Sleep now! (but thats likely due to it being an older Mac, which I will eventually sandbox & stop upgrading, so I dont lose access to some classic plugins etc)

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