Back from a quick retreat!

Phew I’m fully recovered now after 4 days off in New Plymouth… Attempted to record some bamboo forest knock/knocking sounds but despite having two bamboo groves lined up to record there was NO WIND!!!!! A cold front was forecast & rain did eventually arrive but it did so very slowly, with no noticeable wind… Coming from Wellington that just seems wrong – usually when it rains in Wellington its at a 45 degree angle! So I was forced to forget about work…. Anyway heres my little portable studio setup – didnt have room for speakers this time round (as had HD camera, stills camera, 2 tripods, full sound record kit with 3 mics) so took my Sennheiser HD545 headphones and my favourite USB MIDI controller: the 84% scale model MS20

I did record some nice metal pings where I was staying,
created by the chimney as the fire heated up:

In nearby Patea, at the ruins of the old freezing works, I also recorded some impulse responses:

And this, also in Patea, was just odd/disturbing to come across:

And this, was just beautiful:

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