Beach Record Mission

Spent yesterday at the beach, no not relaxing – working! We were on a mission to record a lot of sand FX; body falls, bodies being dragged on sand, objects being dropped on to sand, sand debris… Getting packed up always takes ages as there is nothing worse getting somewhere remote & remembering a prop or tool that was really essential…. the beach in question is a small town called Foxton, two hours drive from Wellington and the main reason I chose the location was because there are massive sand dunes that are well back from the ocean – we needed to be recording sand FX without ocean roar in the background. And we needed quite a few props, hence this pile of gear & objects:

We stopped at a vegetable shop on the way & bought pumpkins, cabbages & a sack of potatoes. And I am sorry to say they all died a sorry death. The pumpkins got stuffed inside a jacket & then dragged by a long rope… and then thrown from quite a height…. ditto for the potatoes, but the cabbages were killed slowly and with a big nasty looking sword:

As the location was very quiet we also did a lot of cloth recording – as tent flaps for ambiences but also close up & violent moves as elements for character movement & wooshes… Using such a long piece of cloth made for very nice stereo movement – I’ll post some examples once all the has been split up, named & organised… My recorder captured 5.7GB of 96k recordings, and Matts would have been a similar amount. I used my Sanken CSS5 stereo shotgun mic while Matt alternated between a pair of Oktava mics and then dual recording with my Neumann KMR81 and his hydrophone, which we buried in the sand – I am very intigued to hear how the latter sounded… I also tried burying my Sanken mic (in its rycote) under a cloth & then tipped sand (& potatoes on it) and got some really interesting sounds – slightly muffled but with an interesting low frequency acoustic….

Back in the studio now, and all my muscles are achey… and I guess that is the vegetables revenge!

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