BLACK SHEEP FX Recording 1

We did quite a lot of sound effects recording for Black Sheep and I was just sorting through the photos & thought I’d post a bunch of them…
it was a hell fun project!

Sheep recording
While I had a few sheep recordings in my library from my brothers farm, I knew I’d need more than a few for this film! I collected up some great recordings from the personal librarys of Kitt Rowlings, Don Paulin, Beth Treadray & Tom Miskin (much thanks!) & did a first pass of all of the sheep FX in the film. It became obvious there were still specific FX I needed (aside from vocals I also wanted sheep hooves on various surfaces) so I set up a recording session with the animal trainers for the film – James & Caroline of Hero Animals. Wow – what a great experience! The photo above shows the trained sheep responding to a few whistles from James.. After watching sheep attack people on film for the previous month I almost laughed out loud when this mob came bounding down the hill & swarmed us!

James could even blow a whistle & get the sheep to baaa as a group, very funny to see & hear I can assure you! I recorded lots of sheep vocals as well as close up breaths when the sheep were eating, for the carnivorous scenes in the film. I also recorded single sheep footsteps at various speeds, on grass & then inside the woolshed on wood. Everything was recorded using my trusty Sanken CSS5 stereo shotgun mic and Fostex FR2 hard disk recorder.

An intriging side note, James & Carolines farm is the one & same that was used as a main location in Peter Jackson’s first film Bad Taste and that James still had one of the alien’s masks form it! The trailer for Bad Taste is on youtube, here:

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