Car FX – another classic movie!

Location recordist Ken Saville also reminded me of the great car FX in the film The Vanishing Point, starring one mean sounding Dodge Challenger, check the trailer:

What other great car FX movies are there? I remember reading about the Robert DeNiro film Ronin a few years back, for its car FX, but I am damned if I can find the article/interview online….

Ronin: BMW vs Peugot

And a few more, from this thread:

– Fear is the Key (old Alistair McClane based movie)
– For Your Eyes Only – Citroen 2CV vs Peugeot 504
– Tomorrow Never Dies – BMW 7 in action
– Opening sequence of Cannonball Run with Countach and Pontiac police car
– Car-Train chase scene from French Connection
– MI 2: the Audi TT/ Porsche
– Romeo Must Die, with a Merc c class amg
– TAXI and its sequel TAXI 2; a Peugeot 206 flying(literally) around marsielle!


3 thoughts on “Car FX – another classic movie!

  1. Michael Maroussas

    I would strongly recommend “The Driver” (1978) if anyone hasn’t seen it. I watched it for the first time the other night – it’s got some great chases and generally aggressive v8 engines throughout it!

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