Merry Xmas + a Present!

HISSandaROAR UFX027 BASS DRUM sound library is now released, capturing four of my favorite acoustic bass drums (the big rototom at half speed does a good acoustic 808 impression!) – free as a Xmas present until Jan 10th HISSandaROAR UFX027…

Xmas Present

Currently working on the HISSandaROAR sonic xmas present sound library… It’s exclusive to our email newsletter subscribers, so if you’d like a copy please sign up here asap & expect delivery later this week: https://hissandaroar.com/v3/subscribe-to-our-email-newsletter/    


New HISSandaROAR MiniFX Library is now released: FX015 BALLOON WHIZZ This library explores the centrifugal sound of friction generated by spinning objects inside a balloon. The tonality is surprising! My first successful attempt caused the balloon to pop within 10…