Celebrating the quiet!

At long last Wellington has its new motorway, Transmission Gully, which provides a far more efficient and reliable route for traffic leaving Wellington and heading North. I just did a loop from Porirua > Transmission Gully > Kapiti and home to Plimmerton the old way, and the new motorway was busy and seemed to be functioning ok, without many stones flying…

And while Transmission Gully is fantastic, that’s not why I am celebrating…

The old route, marked in green, passed near my neighbourhood. There is a set of hills and a reasonable distance between my house & the highway, but if the wind was from the North East sometimes I could hear the traffic. But on a still night, my place is very, very quiet.

But even just today, not in rush hour, my local area feels so much quieter, with more than 90% of traffic now using Transmission Gully! Mostly it is just locals on the roads over this way from now on, and OMG the drop in ambient noise is a gift to every recording I do, in my backyard or in my house/studio. It’s like spending $100k on isolation.

Another bonus: one of favourite coastal roads, the spectacular route from Paekakariki to Pukerua Bay, is even more beautiful for the lack of traffic… The road was deserted on my return trip home, almost as quiet as the first covid lockdown.

Tonight I shall take a bath under the stars, and listen to the absence of traffic noise!




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