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Dear Sound Devices
I’d like a cellular single channel audio recording system, with each cell having a single high quality preamp & 24/192 recorder built in. Cells would all be wirelessly synced together with sample accuracy, and a swarm of recorders could all be remotely controlled from a single app, while also being able to be distributed & spaced up to 1km apart. Each cell would wirelessly transmit a lower resolution feed for monitoring, with the option (via GPS tracking & calculation) of time alignment…. The cell would be small, indestructible & solid state (incase of misunderstanding, I dont mean cellular as in cell phone – I mean it as a metaphor of single cells combining to create a larger organism…. but this system would obviosuly need some form of rapid wireless comms to avoid latency)

Please let me know when available – I’d like to buy six immediately!


3 thoughts on “Cellular Recorder

  1. Andrew Bahls

    What you’re referring to may be better described as a Mesh Network recording system, not Cell Networking. Cell Networking usually uses a series of equally spaced Transceivers, with mobile devices operating within those nodes. A Mesh Network is a series of devices that communicate with each other to form a larger, longer reaching network.

    And I completely agree with you, a mesh based wireless microphone system would be far better than our current Analog transmission methods. For starters, the transmitters wouldn’t have to be as powerful, if they’re only making short hops from each transmitter, instead of the current “Scream over RF as loud as you (Legally) can to overcome interference”. Throw in some clever frequency hopping to avoid said interference, and the battery life of those mics would probably be waaaay better than the current methods.

    But I’m not an expert on Wireless systems, so take those opinions with a grain of salt.


  2. Jon Clark

    It seems like Zaxcom would be a good place to start. They already have high quality wireless mic systems that record locally and have excellent range. I’m not sure what it would take to make them work as you describe, but since they (I think) lock to time code, you could probably get where you want to go. I was very pleased with my Deva back in the day.

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