Christmas presents

I read two parallel articles recently, that made me think…

1. What I learned about the record industry by carsharing with a millenial
2. How do you convince kids to listen to vinyl?

In the past I have always just given my nine nieces & nephews cash as a Christmas present, so they can spend it on whatever they want… I’m not going to buy them a set of turntables, but I have started to think that maybe I will gift them some credit for music. Whether its Bandcamp or iTunes or wherever, it seems it is an opportunity to make sure they understand that music isn’t free. They each enjoy music so it has value to them, but is it not also an opportunity to reinforce that music also has monetary value?



This is super cute:

Isn’t the switch upside down?
In New Zealand light switch up is off, down is on
Is this another of those things like how in the Southern hemisphere the water vortex goes counter clockwise when you pull the plug out from a sink (& vice versa in the Northern hemisphere) although at least that has a basis in science…

2 thoughts on “Christmas presents

  1. John

    The ‘up is on’ switch in the USA is a carry over from the old ‘knife blade’ switches. You know, the type seen in the evil labs or old Frankestein movies. If up is off with the knife blade switch it’s dangerous, as gravity could cause the switch to close and allow current to flow. So up is on means it will always fail safely.

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