Comedic duration

I had an experience recently that reminded me of a very funny scene in the brilliant Coen Brothers film Barton Fink – if you’ve seen the film you’ll know the scene I mean & the durational sound gag staged in the lobby of a hotel… (If you dont know what I’m taking about then go watch the film! I’m not spoiling it for you)

Anyway, while I was down the bottom/south of the West Coast a week or two ago I rented an old school bach, appropriately called Kiwi Cottage


Okarito is a very small town which means its amenities and infra structure are a little more basic than that of cities, and this became evident when i used the kitchen to make dinner…


I have no idea where the drain from this sink leads to, but I discovered if I filled the sink up with water & then pulled the plug out, something a little strange happened: meet the sink that wouldn’t stop glurping!

The first few times I did this, I was amused that once the glurps settled into a rhythm, every so often the sink would suddenly change time signatures on me! I listened to it for a long while, waiting for it to stop… and it didn’t! It was only when I recorded it & was resolute about recording it until it did end that I discovered that eventually there was an end (after 5 minutes!?!) with a final, slightly odd faint gurgle…

“Hey so did you have a good night last night?”

“YES! I recorded this sink that wouldn’t stop glurping!”




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