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First up, thanks to everyone taking part in THE DOORS – my ftp server is running so hot I don’t need to boil water any more, I can just sit a cup of soup on it & let it steam! For any stragglers, don’t panic – it’s going to be a week or so before I have collected up all the contributors recordings, and another few weeks at least before I’ve listened through them all. I then figure I will create a final record list of any doors that I think are missing (eg if no one has recorded fridge/freezer doors) & I’ll then issue a pickup list to all contributors as a final request list before locking & completing the library.
And so far the results have been excellent – an equal mix of great characterful door recordings and technically excellent “normal” doors which was exactly my aim. And amongst the characterful doors are some real gems for further manipulation (eg Charles Mayne, your gate is straight out of a horror film!)

Anyway I’ll directly contact all of the contributors to THE DOORS as you receive preferential inclusion in this and any other future crowdsourced libraries, but I thought I’d also open applications to particpate in crowd sourced library #2, which is:

dogs wanted!

So the brief is: record 5 dogs

Seeing as how THE DOORS is hopefully going to finally kill the overuse of cliche doors, maybe we can also kill the over use of ‘DOG NEXT DOOR’ or at least provide some seriously good alternatives! But the world of dogs is vast & complex – some of the weirdest vocalisations I have ever heard were from a very small dog! So please comment on this post if you wish to be a contributor. As with the 1,000 doors aim (which we will easily meet) lets aim for 1,000 dogs so if each person records 5 dogs then we have a recordist limit of 200 contributors.

Many years ago I worked on a great NZ film called The Price of Milk by Harry Sinclair (one of my favourite NZ films of all time) which featured an agoraphobic dog – any time this dog spent outdoors he had a cardboard box over him so eg he would be out in a paddock chasing sheep, and you would see this barking cardboard box running around. I didn’t edit the dog sounds for that film but I really appreciated what a broad vocabulary dogs have!

Specifications and a record list will be issued once we have 200 recordists onboard

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  1. cjguitar

    I should be able to participate, depending on my schedule, but I’m still a little behind on the Doors project. I’m in the middle of a big project, and hope to have some time soon to finish editing my doors for upload.

    1. tim Post author

      I figure finding interesting dogs is a little trickier than doors, so I imagine this project having a timeframe of a couple of months at least…

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  3. Rene Coronado

    The Dogs sounds incredibly challenging to me.

    I have a little basset whose voice I used for the vocalizations of a giant killer tree in a Syfy channel feature last month. Just getting enough coverage out of my own dog took a fair amount of time and patience. I still haven’t completely covered her range either – she tends to shut up when I put a mic in her face. πŸ™‚

    Finding good recording locations will also be tricky because dogs can make a fair amount of noise, so indoor recordings are going to be out of the question unless they come to the studio because of reverb issues. Outdoors has its own challenges in the city, and accessibility to both a dog and a location would probably be the trickiest part of the whole thing.

    Puppies would probably be easy to get varied and controlled sounds from. Also doggie tug of war tends to produce well. πŸ™‚


    –would the library be tilted towards strange canine vocalizations (growling/snorting/whining) that could be used as creature sounds, or more towards straight barks and pants that are very identifiable to dogs and much easier to get? I vote dog creatures myself. πŸ™‚

    –perspectives – mandatory multiple perspectives on this one the way we did the doors project, or will just close perspectives be acceptable? I ask because certain dog vocalizations would probably not carry very far, and you’d be less likely to need a distant perspective on a sound you planned on heavily manipulating.

    –stereo/mono/ms/other? It may be that the only reason to get away from mono would be to include the environment a bit. Stereo would be useful for distant dog barking, but I don’t know for what else.

  4. Tom Heuzenroeder

    Count me in. In fact at 96k I have already got one of my dogs down “pat”! And yes it does sound like the dog next door! A tip to all other recordists – to get them to “speak” play your dogs other dog sounds!

  5. Martyn Zub

    Hi Tim, Would love to be part of the Dog record.
    Finishing an edit / mix on a film at the moment where the Sound Supervisor gave me a look of, “Come on Martyn surely we can cut an Alt for that distant dog.”
    Hope to hear from you. Martyn

  6. greg

    ooo. i’ve got some good dog recordings i’ve made. i don’t think many of them are at 96k…i worked on a series of animated dog films and was forced to go out and record as much as i could. i’ve got a recording of a dog that was so excited, it sounded like it was actually crying…

    they are not really that easy to record. i can tell you that much.

  7. Enos Desjardins

    I`m in too! I`m flying back to Europe on Wednesday and will be editing all my recorded doors and can then move on to dogs! Will be fun to find 5 dogs to record and even more fun to try and get variating `performances`from them!!

  8. Anton Woldhek

    I’m a bit of a dog nut so this is a easy one for me. I have a staffordshire bullterrier myself and have lots of friends with staffies, american staffies & pitbulls. Already have a quite a few of them at 192. (MKH60-30 -> SD722)
    So count me in πŸ˜‰

  9. Max

    Maybe it would be a good idea to move the recordings for The Dogs to november or december for recordists in the northern hemisphere? It would be a lot easier to make clean EXT recordings during the winter!

  10. Steve Urban

    I’ll get in on this one too. There’s a wide variety of dogs in my neighborhood, just have to start making friends…

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  12. Zachary Quarles

    I’d be up for it. I have a ridiculous beagle/black and tan hound mix that is always yelling at me. My roomies have a neurotic australian cattle dog. I’m sure I can find a few more.

    Looking forward to seeing what exactly you’re looking for in terms of the behavior standards!

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  14. Mikkel Nielsen

    Another great project, Tim.
    Can we discuss a bit more what kind of recordings that are expected?
    I too agree that waiting a bit to get more quite ext recordings.

    1. tim Post author

      For sure! As with the doors I’ll start a new post to discuss the aims, record list etc…

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  17. tim Post author

    Ok we have 41 recordists – I’ll send out an email to all the contributors to THE DOORS

  18. Michal

    I would love to participate, altough I think it may be harded to find dogs willing to perform in front of mic, in quiet place (outdoor I think).
    Longer timeframe would be definitely needed for this one for me.
    Count me in and I’ll do my best.

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