Defender Sound Studio

I used to love playing Defender as a kid, for 20c a game at a “spacie parlour” – it was released in 1980, when I was 15 years old so still at high school… One of the best parts of the game were the great sounds, so check out this website:

choose a preset and hit play, but watch your monitor level as its loud & 8bit!

There is a great history of Defender & its sound at the same site

I love how harsh & aggressive the sounds are, in stark contrast to a lot of later games having higher resolution sound but the aesthetic veered more towards cute. I have close to zero interest in chiptune music. I think I had zoned out from gaming by the time the more cute games arrived, so chiptune has no nostalgia to me… Meanwhile I still want to hear the Defender hyperspace jump sound!!




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