Delicious 2024

Heirloom black raspberries are delicious!
The main plants in my raspberry enclosure are laden with delicious fruit…
I also have cloned the plant ten times now, the first is as big as the original plant & covered in fruit but is uncovered so the birds will enjoy it… The other clones are only recent so this is their first Spring & now Summer so are growing canes like crazy but wont fruit until next year… At which point I will be swamped in raspberries!

Over the holidays I planted out three banana palms, ten clumping/non-invasive bamboo and two Japanese cherry blossom trees… Hoping by next Spring the two cherry blossom will be foreground in the view from my studio, with bamboo behind…

It’s weird how satisfying it is to plant a tree. Choosing a site while keeping in mind how big the tree will get, and what conditions it needs. Then digging holes & prepping soil & fertiliser… Then going to nursery & getting the trees – the cherry blossom trees were 1.8m tall already so only just fitted in my SUV. And then getting them in the ground.

But the best part? Forgetting about them, apart from an occasional watering…
And then being startled by growth/compound interest!



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