I’m busy getting stuck into a new film project (week 3 & just got a new picture cut) so no epic posts this week as my head is elsewhere… but heres a few random links, mostly found via twitter, that I felt were well worth sharing!

> Chris Watson, sound recordist extraordinaire, created a 30 minute program ‘A Problem With Noise’ about man-made noise pollution & its ramifications. The BBC site says it can only be streamed for another 24 hours so go have a listen asap!

> If you are a Kaossilator or KP2 owner & get frustrated at the lack of visual cues for playing melodies, there is a great lot of info here including a grid template you can print on mylar. The site also includes a take-apart video so you can physically place the visual grid in the unit….

> I just found out about & ordered the new album by the young Japanese genius Yasuhiko Fukuzono who releases beautiful contemporary electronic/dsp music under the name Aus His new album LIGHT IN AUGUST, LATER is available for order here & you can download a free mp3 from the album here – its definitely worth a listen!

> For anyone interested in Max/MSP/Jitter, this presentation by Luke DuBois is both fascinating & inspiring:

ART && CODE SYMPOSIUM: Max/MSP/Jitter, Luke DuBois from STUDIO for Creative Inquiry on Vimeo.

> I swapped a few tips with someone cutting weapon sound effects:

Tip#1 on weapon sound design: Dont use near field monitors. Your ears will thank you

Tip#2 on weapon sound design: Cut/sync/layer your FX at low monitor level, check occasionally at proper level

Tip#3 on weapon sound design: keep the door & windows shut – you dont want an Armed Offenders police call out!!!

> Modular synth addict? In fact, any kind of synth addiction? Go register at the excellent muffwiggler forum & be aware it is not like AA – if you have a modular synth addiction then this is more like going to the pub on a friday night than any kind of 12 step process to stop your addiction, but there is a phenomenal amount of knowledge & great advice to be had there from people far more experienced than you or I.

> And Bob Dylan may be the new voice of Sat Nav! Jon Cleese has apparently already contributed, which makes sense – seems to me a lot of drivers could do with being verbally abused in a Fawlty Towers kind of way! Both these scenarios remind me of a great skit Armstrong & Miller did where the Sat Nav in their car becomes sentient & starts expressing politically incorrect attitudes about the kinds of people who live in the houses they are driving past! Believe you me, its much funnier than my attempts to explain it & unfortunately there isn’t an example online to link to…

> And a few random retweets:

“We must learn to be still in the midst of activity and to be vibrantly alive in repose” — Indira Gandhi

‘To attain a perfect thing, whatever that is, becomes infinitely more difficult as you near it’ – Voltaire

> And for anyone who thinks twitter is a ridiculous waste of 140 characters, maybe Woofer might be more your style – you can’t post anything until you have entered a minimum of 1400 characters!

Interlude No.1 from Nina. on Vimeo.


> Its still winter here in NZ and I’m still kind of ill with a cold that people seriously ask me if I have caught either swine flu or the 90 day cough…. definitely not swine flu but coughing for 90 days???? You have got to be kidding!?! So apart from visiting the doctor there is only one thing for it: blame the weatherman!

And lastly, speaking of Armstrong & Miller I have only just discovered their podcast TimeGhost, of which they are up to episode 26 – download them here

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  1. jeff p

    no problem tim 🙂

    Have “fun” with your conform and get well soon. 90 days for a cough doesn’t seem normal 🙁

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