Detritus 10

> Re the prev post (A whole lot of worldizing) theres a making of & backstory here – thanks Matteo!

> Tom Waits has a new live album coming out & in the meantime you can get 8 full length tracks from the forthcoming release for free, here – a great example of the Freemium model

Switched On RingTones

> James Turrells Roden Crater project inches closer with a very interesting proposal that I wish I could afford to pursue: “An interactive book entitled Turrell World Tour will coincide with the opening of Roden Crater. The publication will highlight 137 public works across 18 states and 23 countries, and will function as a passport that is signed and stamped at each of the 85 destinations. Upon completing the tour, readers will be invited as a personal guest of the artist’s to the site.”
Heres an interview where he describes his work similarly to how I describe some of the most beautiful music: “Its a slow, building kind of art… but often things that are close to the sublime have a different time scale, and a different unfolding…” – more info here

> Check out Electric Junkyard Gamelan – also on youtube here and here and here and here and here

> An interesting project by a location scout visiting New York locations from the film Taxi Driver, here and here and comparing them to now here

> Ever seen this man in your dreams or nightmares? Oddly lots of people seem to have…

>Legit Filesharing for the Film Industry

> 10 most innovative music making products of 2009?

> I spent Friday & Saturday this week in Dunedin; I did a talk on Film Sound Design at the Film Dept at Otago University, which was fun… I don’t enjoy lecturing/public speaking particularly but the Q&A was fun… & using Keynote made a HUGE difference in terms of keeping myself on topic – I will see if I can share my keynote document online, probably by converting it to a slideshow…. Great to spend some time in such a beautiful city & also to see some great street art! Heres a couple of photos I took while wandering around town…

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  1. James

    According to my research, is registered to someone who works for a company called Guerriglia Marketing in Italy. At first I thought you’d been duped like the rest of us, but hang on a minute, according to imdb there’s a film ‘in development’ called “This Man”. I wonder who’s got the sound FX job….

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