Detritus 103

> RIP Gil Scott Heron


> Striking images of stringed instruments made using holographic interferometry


> Under the ice, sounds of spring


wait for the monkey! (thanks Tom)


> Interesting article about the BladeRunner score & Vangelis studio of the time, love the use of control voltages: “I would experiment by wiring a 9v battery to a jack lead, connecting that to a volume pedal and sending different voltages to the synths’ oscillators. So the volume pedal could transpose everything by nine octaves”


> Regrets? Best not to have any…


> Uncle Brians tips for creative development…. “The reason to keep working is almost to build a certain mental tone, like people talk about body tone…. You have to move quickly when the time comes….” – and a video interview on Al Jazeera



> “It has to be from a north-facing tree” – secrets of making Debussys preferred pianoChopin was also a fan… – fascinating history – check the double ended grand piano they developed!


> On narrative listening



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