Detritus 108


> At last – a solution to make 3D films watchable!



> a LEGO Moog?



> Conversation Piece – an unvarnished chat with Bernard Herrmann


> Oomagamma are an indian company producing mics, alternatives to Rycotes & interesting Zoom H2 mods






5 thoughts on “Detritus 108

  1. stationlost

    You should check out the paul’s extreme sound stretch app. It’s funny that the meme is always 700 or 800%. To get a sound that long to 2 minutes minutes is only 20% or so. The program actually has a mode called hyper stretch where you can stretch sounds out into lasting for millennia for longer songs. I chucked in an amen break and the max was 190 years and 94 days. It’s a pretty cool app, check it out if you don.t have it already.

    1. tim Post author

      re Paul Stretch its for “Linux or Windows” & i don’t do either (but I have tools that can do this sort of stretch without breaking a sweat)

      1. Andreas

        I’m always curious how much that is the sound of dial-up/Justin Bieber/whatever and how much it’s the sound of fft-analysis. Doesn’t everything sound spooky (and cool) when it’s stretched like that?

  2. Jon Clark

    @ Oomagamma: A B-Format microphone (Brahma)and four channel recorder for about $1000 US. Pretty impressive. I’ve used a Soundfield microphone before and it’s pretty cool to play around with B-Format recordings but expensive to the point of being impractical (and a bit of a pain to transport).

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