Detritus 119

“…the content of the Pure Data application is read as pure data, directly displayed as sounds and pixels….”

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> Jan Henrik Hansen creates sculptures based on sounds eg Bassline or Drum techtonics


> Scanchovies


> Fantastic tiny insect robots


> iVictrola


Mokira “live recording in the studio – the only sound source is the Korg VC-10 vocoder, the rest is just delays and filters.”


hah! repeatle:1 hug the sub: less than zero


> Haruki Murikami: “Talent Is Nothing Without Focus and Endurance”


> Accidental chinese hipsters


“Earth_to_disk is a project that uses the earths elevation data. Height information of the globe is analogically transposed on a 12 inch record. By every rotation of the disk, we can recognize patterns corresponding to the relief of the crossed continents. ”

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