Detritus 12


> From a coffee bean to a carbon atom – a beautiful zoom a la Eames Powers of Ten

> Whats all this about Google Music?

> New toy plays back your recordings backwards – now THAT would make a great iPhone app!

> Remote controlled beetle mics? Could it be appearing on a film set of the future?

> Creative Block? try this

> Some thoughts on Dirty Harrys gun sounds by Stephen Altobello

>Offline inspiration

> Time travel in films

> At last a eurorack BBD delay module with CV control – check this demo, especially at 1.10 when they sequence the delay time… I want one! via

> Recommended Reading from a cross-media Film Forum Conference

>MC202 Hack – get MIDI sequences to/from the non-MIDI MC202

> For some visual inspiration, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying Flickriver – a means of displaying flickr photos in an endless stream on a black background.. That description doesn’t sound that amazing huh, but as an example go load this flickriver of minimal black & white photos

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