Detritus 131

> Audioscan is a fascinating project that began “with recordings made at 1,580 streets and squares in Milano. Electronic-music techniques were used to fashion playable musical instruments from the street recordings. In another step reminiscent of early tape composition, those instruments were then used to create melody, percussion, and background-ambience loops in the digital audio workstation Ableton Live….” read more about the project here or here “An ambitious cataloguing work and an environmental awakening project through the transformation of a waste product of technological society – noise – into an artwork.”

Audioscan (#1) MILANO – music created from noise by giorgio-sancristoforo


> Best Steve Jobs cartoon yet?


> Very relevant ebook: Focus: A simplicity manifesto in the age of distraction but many of its themes are illustrated in this image: How to focus in the age of distraction



> Throwable camera array for capturing spherical panoramas!?!


< Spectragram creates a beautiful visualisation of any track from soundcloud, just add artist/trackname to the URL of eg below or (the image is scaled so one rotation of visualisation equals the duration of the track) – try it on one of your soundcloud tracks


> Ten things every creative person should learn


interview with DeepChord here – love his story about being given a record of “Sounds from Outer Space” when he was six! But these comments are interesting too: “Lots of artists use field recordings, but one big difference between them and me is… I use field recordings that were made while something significant was going on. Not just field recordings for field recording sakes. Big difference. A field recording can’t just be documentation of nothing”

Wow – what a strange concept, that a field recording could actually be a ‘documentation of nothing’