Detritus 132


< Ever notice how many robot voices are female?



> Vibes for Kontakt/EXS24 – free, here



> When asked to delete photos, just have this image handy


> New field recording blog to check out: Joseph Dutaillis Sound Related


> Is this the first open source album? Christopher Willits remix project involves accessing 121 recordings that he made in the process of creating his album Tiger Flower Circle Sun – download 1.3GB sample library – remix deadline is Feb 1st Feb 2012 (soundcloud really need to enable the function of downloading a whole set in one hit!!)



> We love sonic tourism – check Shauns recent trip to the Galapagos Islands


> I just discovered the music of Nils Frahm on the excellent Erased Tapes label (check their soundcloud)

Nils Frahm & Anne Müller – 7fingers by erasedtapes


> Saving your surfing


> 12 ways everyone else is better than you


> Two photos I shot yesterday…


bird on wire


bird on wire


3 thoughts on “Detritus 132

  1. ab-arts

    Nils Frahm is a genius on the keys and a very sympathetic person! Great to see him being discovered in new zeeland now too. Make sure to see him live when you have the chance.

    Also your two photos look great, remind me of this project where someone made a sonification of birds on power lines. Did I see this here or on cdm or possibly both?

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